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Obesity is increasing every day in North America at an alarming rate, especially in Canada. Young people eating habits are the biggest reason for high obesity levels in Canadians. Most Canadians prefer to eat junk food, being readily available, and on-the-go fast food items. Ironically, the probability of Cancers has increased due to obesity issues, especially in Canadian youth. Major causes are lack of physical activities, gaming, movies, and dining out having unhealthy and junk food. Fast food has its benefits i.e. it brings balance in weight for people who are slim. However, for overweight people, it can be a huge disadvantage. It’s like putting more ounces every time you are going for a Big Mac or other burger meals.

Is it about the trends? The change will not be that easy, according to most people, especially in the USA and Canada. Considered as the most unhealthy option, but fast food is most popular in Canada. It is full of junk food and brings fat that is dangerous for arteries.

Hence, it is a cause of heart diseases and cancer according to the new study. It’s hard to change your diet and eating habits once you are too much into unhealthy eating. Still, smart people, the corporate workers, and busy people. They know they have to move a lot to burn their fat. Hence, they have to be useful for their own good and to look good and presentable daily.

Obesity related Cancers
Obesity-related Cancers


Since 1971, the rate of Obesity-related Cancers in Canadians has increased. Hence, studies have also shown that the most affected are young people i.e. the youth from 30-39 ages. This study is from a sample of five million cancer cases dating from 1971-2015 in Canada. The results are very unique demographically. It says that Canadians are mostly experiencing breast and colon cancers. Hence, the highest number of Cancer cases are women from 30-39 age. According to experts and doctors. Considered as a huge risk amongst the people, Obesity needs encountering. Therefore, the rise in Obesity levels is parallel to the rising amount of Cancer patients.

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Another similar study has shown totally different results. This study has shown with significance that there has been a decrease. This is in the overall rate of new cancer cases in people who are exceeding 50. It’s just like if you are crossing a threshold age. Hence, then you shall be safe from the dangers of breast or Colon cancer.

Research has shown that in most patients there is a link between the smoking cessation programs and a decrease in lung cancer cases. Good safety behaviors are the cause of lowering the cases of melanoma. Men younger than 50 and women younger than 40 are the ones with the most result findings.

Well documented in Canada, the main reason is research and analysis of the findings. The facts that relate to trends with the age group in Canada are unambiguous. It’s generally that Cancer is growing in people who are younger in age. Obviously, they shouldn’t be having such a deadly disease at a young age. However, the reasons are very ironic, its obesity that relates to Cancers as well as unhealthy eating habits.

Regular exercise reduces health issues
Regular exercise reduces health issues


The region of North America is more inclined towards fast food and junk food. Known or categorized as fatty stuff or unhealthy food options. However, the best solution to avoid health issues for young Canadians is through regular exercise. Even walking on a daily basis, or jogging will benefit the heart conditions. Furthermore, will decrease obesity and reduce the risk of cancers in the youth. Trends can change, once you become the trendsetter and accomplish your exercise goals every day. Keep a calorie check, what’s your take-in and how you are managing your diet on a daily basis.

Have more consumption of fruits, like ‘5’ a day means you are having your desired vitamin intake. In addition to this, you are getting the required fruits you need. Healthy sleeping habits also help in getting your goals and the risk of cancer. Good sleep is 6-7 hours, to avoid heart attacks and strokes. This is mandatory on a daily basis, especially to avoid stress levels in people. Also, especially needed if you work 9-5 in a routine job and manage your work ethics. Hence, you can manage your walking routine or gym routine as well. Running is the best way to reduce unwanted weight fast. Easily, it is a fast fat burner and a whole-body exercise, if routine running is maintained.

Medically, Obesity is treated as a disease
Medically, Obesity is treated as a disease


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Obesity is treated as a disease medically. As we have discussed earlier that it can be the cause of many health problems and other related diseases. According to the stats of 2012, a huge 18.8% of the whole Canadian population was found obese. This is equivalent to more than 7 million Canadians from the whole population. This includes a huge proportion of young people and citizens less than 40 years old.

The environmental factors in Canada have a lot to do with the rate of increase in Obesity. These factors are the components in adult and childhood obesity. Hence, parents that are obese pass their obese genes onto their children. The nurturing of children is then done in an obesogenic environment. Primarily, this is the cause that caries the cycle of obesity throughout the generations.

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