Tales and traditions of Halloween
Tales and traditions of Halloween

There are many myths, tales and stories that are linked up with Halloween and its traditions. These are reasons why people celebrate the event in form of costumes, decorations and parties.


There are many myths, tales and stories that are related to the fear of vampires on the day of Halloween, i.e. 31st October. This is related to the fear of vampires that are spawned by consumption. This is during the 19th Century that the fast spread of Tuberculosis, or consumption claimed lives of many families in the Rhodes Island. Also, includes Connecticut, Vermont as well as other parts of New England.

Before the doctors and the physicians were able to explain how the infectious diseases were spread. Furthermore, these hopeless villagers believed that people who perished were the ones who preyed upon their living family members. Therefore, this is the reason why a grim practice of digging up the dead and burning their internal organs was made a common practice. This is quiet associated with bringing the dead people back. Apart from this, also links up with the myths of the Halloween.


For many years the ghost of President of United States Abraham Lincoln was seen in the white house. Mostly the seeing of the ghost is a myth or a story that relates to Halloween. Wife of the 30th President Grace Coolidge was the first person to report the seeing of the ghost of Lincoln. While it was witnessed in the White House, i.e. the Official resident of the President of USA first time. A story that relates to the Halloween myth that ghost of the dead do comeback.


We have seen this in tales, watched it on movies and tend to imagine something like this due to the fantasy world created by Walt Disney. Witches flying on the broom is related to many myths and stories. This is regards to the traditions that relates to Halloween. The evil green witch flying on her magic broomstick, might turn out to be a Halloween icon. But, actually are they true is an argument?

It started way back even before the first costumes, dates back to 1451, i.e. the earliest known image of witches on brooms. This is when two illustrations appeared in the French poet Martin Le Franc’s manuscript Le Champion des Dames. Also, known in English as The Defender of Ladies.

Apart from the many myths and stories, the deep association between the witches and brooms may have roots in the pagan fertility ritual. This is a ritual that relates intensely to the rural farmers from the medieval times.        

All these different stories are all fantasy, but some of them might have been true. However, they relates intensely to the occasion of Halloween. Which is an occasion that marks the existence of a totally different world. A world that is unseen as Halloween is believed to be an interaction of the two worlds. The brighter side is more interesting as people love to celebrate the occasion. Especially, with more commercial values attached to it these days.