Costumes for Halloween
Costumes for Halloween

Halloween costumes are the best part of the Halloween celebrations in Canada as they are in almost all Western nations. They add charm and colors to the celebrations. Particularly, as costumes for Halloween are the witness to the idea that spirits and demons still roam the earth. The attires used are also different in color mostly red, black and yellow. There are many different kinds of dresses that are used for the celebrations of the Halloween and also includes vital elements of success for the commercial and promotional strategies including brand promotions.

31st October is also a day of costumes of different kind. Especially, that are used by people and children and are sold in the retail industry adding to the commercial side of the festival.


The history of Halloween festival is associated with a man named as F.Marian McNeill. A person who proposed that the ancient pagan festival has included individuals wearing masks on their faces for the representation of spirits.

The idea mainly originated from Scotland. A country that is part of United Kingdom & originated in the year 1585. There are also diverse references to the Halloween costumes during the 18th and 19th century in Ireland, Wales, Mann and Celtic countries of Scotland.

It is also been a suggestion that the Canadian attires have emerged from the Celtic festivals of Samhain and Calan Gaeaf during the period of the Christian observance of Allhallowtide. Thus, it relates to Christianity in a number of ways than we have known.


The attires in Canada have transformed since its start or origin from the early costumes. The idea is that they are based on terrifying supernatural beings and represents many different supernatural that are believed to roam around the world. Mostly worn by young people, especially children. However, the trends are changing, but still in Canada the propensity is mainly amongst the youth.

The dresses of Children differ from that of young people, and the difference also demonstrates the amount of evil powers that are found to be more in larger age groups than in the youth. The fact that every different costume is a totally different myth is something that people have to take care of.


A variety in different types of Halloween dresses shows the diversity as well as demo-graphical variance of the rich festival. The animal costumes famously includes Leopard costume, Cat hoodie Kit, and Peacock costume. The Disney costumes includes Jasmine Deluxe Adult Aladdin, Deluxe Genie Costume, etc. Horror costumes includes Zombies, Girl’s Cool witch, Adult Skeleton, Sweatshirt Hoodie etc. The superhero ones includes Iron Spider Avengers, Thanos Deluxe, Beast Morpher etc.


According to stats from The National retail Federation in Canada, a huge 52% of the Total Consumers had prepared to purchase a costume for the Halloween in the year 2008. The amount that they spend on average on the costume was approximately $40.

In the year 2013, according to The National Retail Federation of Canada. The entire country spent approximately $7.6 billion just for the celebrations of Halloween with $3.4 billion just on the costumes.

This shows the commercial importance of Halloween and the huge amount of passion it is celebrated with.