Celebrations in Canada
Celebrations in Canada

Halloween is celebrated in Canada in similar ways it is celebrated in United Kingdom as traditions of Halloween relates to myths from Great Britain. Particularly, since the times of era of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. The hosting or attending a Halloween party or seeing a popular or terrifying movie. Apart from these, the giving of candy to Trick or Treats or carving pumpkins. Furthermore, stocking your shelves with Candy are some of the ways that Halloween is celebrated in Canada. Hence, as a cultural and a festival that relates to religious values as well.

Parties and celebrations in form of Halloween Music is a common entity. Particularly, as people mingle with each other with more passion & compassion. They also enjoy different dishes and interact with joy, while they celebrate the occasion with each other. Holds huge cinematic and fantasy values globally. Particularly, as people love to visit theaters, cinema to celebrate Halloween while they watch different movies, new or old that are made on the subject and myths of Halloween.


Halloween parties are a common entity these days and they cover different themes of the rich cultural and religious festival. There are different ways to celebrate Halloween parties and attending them according to the party themes. It is something that has transformed from the early ages since its origin. Either you can decide to attend your own party or attend a friend’s own, it’s still the same thing. These parties includes lots of decorations that are according to the different themes adapted. Such as tombstones, spider webs, skeleton, dressed as witches and others.

At these parties, a common thing and a familiarity are costume contests. Therefore, whether the costume you are wearing is scary, simple, funny or disgusting. Whatever, but it needs to be creative and compiled of the party theme.


Most people on the occasion love watching their favorite horror movies. The famous movies that are made for the occasion of Halloween includes walking dead series, Halloween, True Blood, Hocus Pocus, and many others. These are movies that are made on the myths that relates to the festival. Also helps you learn more about the event, as well as a good way of making your celebrations enjoyable.


One of the most common and symbolic celebrations as well as most common decorations that you shall be seeing during the Halloween. This is inform of a candlestick that is being placed inside a pumpkin with the images or faces which are being carved into them. A stick of candle is inserted inside the pumpkin and light emerges out of the hole to show the image. A popular thing in West. Especially in UK, Canada, USA and many other countries that shows that 31st October is a day of ghosts and spirits. Also, even the dead people.


Stocking your shelves with Candy is for those people who love to dress in different costumes, but still they have a taste bud for candy. Having your favorite Candy is the best way to spice up your celebrations.