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The happiness to enjoy some overwhelming shopping discounts on the Boxing Day is huge and incomparable. It is the next day of Christmas & is always a great moment for those who have the opportunity to witness. Hence, this is especially for those who live in UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. These are the countries that celebrate Boxing Day on the 26th of December that originated from United Kingdom. Hence, it later spread in the Common Wealth countries, i.e. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

The most commonly accepted explanation for the Boxing Day meaning relates to the phrase ‘Christmas Box’. This notion dates back to ancient times of the British aristocracy. On 26th December, they used to give their servants as an off day, i.e. the next day to Christmas. They also used to give some sort of gifts and presents to their servants, known as the ‘Christmas Box.’ It is also known as the feast of St. Stephen, who was the first Christian martyr and an important figure known for acts of charity. The celebrations of the day takes place on the same date i.e. 26th December 2020. Stephens day, Celebrated and known as St. Stephen’s day in Ireland, as it is the feast day of the honourable Saint.

Another key concept behind Boxing Day, i.e. next day to Christmas, was giving charities and provisions to the needy. Boxing Day relates to many stories that have been traditionally associated with the day. The meaning seems built on gift giving and charity, when it was first recognised as a bank holiday. Celebrated in form of a holiday, i.e. 26th December, and happened since 1871. Next working day is a bank holiday, if the Boxing day is falling on a Saturday or Sunday.


The Boxing Day in the West holds huge commercial value and importance associated to the retail sector. In England, the place where it originated from, Boxing Day, i.e. 26th December is celebrated in form of an official Bank holiday. However, for the shoppers, it is a huge day, as the Boxing Day sales starts early morning for people. Hence, many buy their favourite products with huge discounts & offers. A significant arise in discounts that can rise up to 80% of the original product prices.


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For many countries it is just a day after Christmas with heavy sales. As part of the celebrations, favourite sports are being played, i.e. especially in England & Australia. As an example, Premier League football matches took place on Boxing Day 2018. These are including Liverpool Vs Newcastle and Tottenham Vs Bornemouth, as two of the 9 matches played in 2018. The famous Boxing day test match takes place in Australia on the day. A match that starts on 26th Dec and ends on 30th Dec, in Melbourne, Australia. This is just before the start of the Next Year. Played in Australia on the historical day, was the first Boxing Day test match. Historically significant, it took place in the 1950, some 70 years from today. Most importantly, since than it has been a custom that started from Melbourne, Australia.

Advertising & Promotions of products on discounts is all part of the heavy significance taken by Retail sector. Therefore, resulting in substantial rise in the sales volume, and high amount of media coverage. Giving thanks to the Almighty for showering of blessings on special day. Celebrated as a huge symbol of joy, and thanks to Almighty for the provisions and rewards.

Another country in the Australian continent that celebrates the Boxing Day is New Zealand. Apart from the many shopping discounts offered in England on this day. Ironically, the day holds importance due to some other common things as well. Importantly, Auckland racing club is the horse racing event, that holds common terms with England’s Boxing day celebrations. The three categories in which the celebrations of the Boxing Day falls is sports, shopping & family.


Family get-to-gathers take place in form of parties, dining out with the family, prayers & sermons, giving charities to the needy, celebrating elegant food and having some great family time on the occasion of Boxing Day holiday. In some countries, celebrations can extend further to the start of the New Year. Hence, as many people take their annual leave and go for holidays to their favourite holiday destinations.

26th December is a huge carnival for those who love sports, shopping & like spending some peace moments with their love ones.

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