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Food waste management is an ongoing issue of the modern world. Handling the issue globally takes a great deal. Furthermore, what it takes in terms of the sustainable efforts for food waste management is a mega concern. It is indeed a growing threat to the Canadian economy, society and the environment. The issue has now lead the Governments, businesses, NGOs and the academics. Furthermore, the public to attach the significance importance to its management. The issue of Food waste is indeed a global challenge of the modern world. This is largely because of its contributions to climate change and loss of bio diversity. Also includes declining the water quality, soil degradation and food insecurity.

In the current times the biggest question that arises is how we can reduce the waste of plates? While raising the environmental consciousness amongst the Canadian youth. Ironically, the main thing is to bring a reduction in the habit of plate waste. As best practice i.e. through environmental management, the targets of Food Waste reduction can be easily achieved. Hence, as environmental education should be considered with special emphasis on green attitudes. This is also highly linked with green consumption and pro-environmental behaviour.


According to the stats that relate to daily food waste, average figures from the whole world. It’s around 40% of food waste generated daily was actually consumable. The best practices that relates to environmental management is individual action. These practices should be to minimise the wastage associated with food individually on a day-to-day basis. As part of the Green practices and marketing campaigns that are in practice. Also, those that are related to Green developments, the agenda should be minimising food waste. Multinationals especially Fast Food chains e.g. KFC and Mac Donald’s hold a mega role on a globalised scale.

Also, as part of environmental practices the key thing that should be kept in mind is the identification of hazards associated with food waste i.e. climate change, loss of bio diversity, effects to water quality, soil degradation & food insecurity. Being a global issue, it concerns health problems as well and is a growing concern especially for the developed nations.        


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The consumer’s efforts towards food waste management holds higher priorities in Canada in terms of the CSR i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility elements. This is part of the individual best practices towards sustainable developments towards food waste management.

As part of their responsible attitude the consumers should also keep a track. This is in terms of strict monitoring on just how much they are spending on food on a weekly basis. Apart from this how much they are consuming is also a big question mark? Going far away in terms of reducing the waste, the concerns should include more sustainable purchasing decisions.

As an example having the consumers opt for compo-stable coffee pods i.e. made entirely from plant based materials. Hence, it’s a guilt free way for responsible consumers to enjoy their coffee cup without bringing harm to the environment. Wherever possible, the consumers must opt for reusable alternatives. Using packed plastic food storage products e.g. Tupperware and freezer bags etc. that are actually good for food storage. These products can extend the time how long food can stay usable before spoiling.

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