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The upcoming year, i.e. 2021 will be a year full of new challenges and vital happenings with highly defined success agendas. This is also due to the amount of challenging situations encountered in 2020. Hence, due to the pandemic COVID-19 reaching its peak especially in United States, India and Brazil. ‘2020’ has been a year of huge financial losses & has incredibly redefined history in terms of the number of deaths, and loss to travel & tourism sector in addition to the hospitality industry. A year that changed many things in Canada due to the social distancing laws. Hence, it was the cause of a huge financial recession after the recession of 2008-09. What’s more concerning for the people of Canada is the time frame. COVID-19, a pandemic has been a cause of concern, and to recover from the losses obviously needs reasonable time.

Shall be known in history as one of the biggest challenges of 2020. COVID-19 started in early 2020, the passing year as a vital threat. A pandemic that started taking its peak in early March. The month started with lock-downs in many countries and most people worked from home. Hence, they worked remotely while realising the power & best utilisation of the digital media. Digital Media is a weapon that holds huge tech significance in the modern world. Significantly, while most countries invested heavily to encounter and get out of the effects of COVID-19. However, it is indeed a lesson to encounter and stay safe regards to the future pandemics & their devastating effects.


The regular practising of the precautionary measures is mandatory, while entering 2021 with new success agendas. These measures are always a vital part of the current system imposed in Canada and holds huge values especially for the travel & tourism sector. While encountering the associated hazards with the pandemic, travel and tourism sector has been highly affected. Its COVID pressure in 2021 that needs to be handled smartly and effectively with a new vision. A new & revised vision is indeed the need of the hour as taking precautions is much better than being a victim of COVID-19.


Making practical resolutions and milestones for the upcoming year is a normal procedure that happens annually i.e. every year. However, this year can be a bit different for many organisations. Hence, as it has been a challenging year mainly because of the Pandemic COVID-19 situation. A pandemic that has been a cause of heavy job losses all over the world. Hence, it is still causing distress for people who have been affected badly. Under these harsh circumstances what’s more important is to adapt safety precautions while practising the pandemic especially in public places. The time frame for people holds huge amount of concern. Ironically, the concern is getting back to normal life, i.e. Pre-COVID-19.

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In order to attain & achieve the future targets there are certain activities and agendas that needs to be followed. Considered as a defined set of tasks and activities, and is known generally as ‘The new year resolution‘. Importantly, for a personal development program it is an attitude that is highly critical. Hence, it can be highly influencing in terms of the motivational aspects. Furthermore, for the sake of highly focused people and their agendas. It is a valuable set of activities, i.e. the resolution of new year. Hence, more importantly holds significance for the most ambitious and important people. This is in terms of their career prospects, academic achievements and setting targets for their future goals. For many people the future holds vital importance in terms of their attitude towards their profession or their business activities.

Taking care of the future pandemics is a huge part of the milestones for the New Year. A vital part of the New Year agenda are Health & Safety measures and following strict guidelines for encountering similar pandemics like COVID-19.


The business challenges of 2021 are huge in terms of the magnitude of setbacks. Hence, especially after the impacts of COVID-19 that have been a devastation for the Canadian economy. These challenges includes bringing future stability, financial sustainability, and making a rapid recovery process. Business process re-engineering or BPR, is what most organisations are undergoing as part of the management & business strategy regards to change management. Bringing the businesses back to the normal running pace is the most challenging situation for the Govt. of Canada. Furthermore, reaping the benefits of it as in normal circumstances.

MBE IN 2021:

MBE is entering the year 2021 with a new vision for their employees and for the organisation itself. Aligned with the Canadian laws & policies are the MBE goals and its vision for future. This is largely due to the current pandemic situation of COVID-19. The company has strictly followed the precautionary measures as according to the Canadian laws. On top of this, it has actively contributed to the cause of a fight against the pandemic. It’s indeed the vision of Syed Mansoor Naqvi, CEO & President of MBE Group, that speaks volumes for itself.    


The defining of new success agendas means setting up goals of motivation and target orientation for yourself. These includes health goals, financial & monetary goals, career goals, & family goals being some of the most distinguished ones. Health agendas in 2021 holds most importance for people who have a higher level awareness of pandemics and especially COVID-19.

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