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The World Forestry day is a day that is celebrated on 21st March 2023’. The day is for the sake of creating an awareness. That is, amongst the masses of the importance level that relates to forests & the advantages that forests holds for the environment. The World Forestry Day 2023 as the theme is for sake of having a level of awareness for all kinds of forests & the benefits that relates to forestry are just overwhelming.

The countries with the most area covered in forests includes Russia on top. That is, with a land of 815 million hectares covered as forests according to the recent statistics. It is also the biggest country in the world according to the covered area. After Russia, its Brazil with 497 million hectares in area covered in forests, i.e. almost 500 million hectares. The Brazil forests includes Amazon Rainforest forest, South America which are mostly in Brazil is the largest Rainforest & the largest Forest according to covered area in the World.


The third country in terms of the covered area is Canada. Precisely, with almost 350 Million Hectares of area covered in forest. No wonder the country despite being the 2nd largest country by area in the world has a very low population density & the reason is the forests. After Canada, it’s USA & than China with US on 310 Million Hectares of area covered in forests followed by China with 220 Million Hectares of area covered.

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The country that ranks 6th in the list of largest countries covered with forests is Australia. A country which is 134 Million Hectares in area. After the country Australia, it’s Democratic Republic of Congo which has 126 Million hectares covered as forests. The highest in terms of the area by any country in the African continent.

SAVE THE FORESTS- ‘Theme For 2023’: 

The 2023 theme for World Forestry Day, is to save the forests. Apart from this, make people aware of the many advantages associated with forests. Canada is highly blessed to be a country that ranks after Brazil. Hence, as third in list of countries with most area covered as forests.

Naturally, in Canada it’s the job of a forest officer. Someone, which is regarded as highly paid. Precisely, due to the level of risks associated with the job. Forests are a source of providing the right balance which the ecosystem needs. Saving the forests the efforts that needs doing. Also, includes not cutting the tress. Apart from this, planting trees on a much more regular basis.


Obviously, the Amazon Rainforest, South America that have a huge area in Brazil. That is, the largest country in South America. Apart from this, the fifth largest in world. The covered area is approximately 6.7 million Km (square). Later, its Congo Rainforest, Africa Also, the covered area is 3 Million KM (Square). That is, less than half of what the area of Amazon rain-forest is. After Congo, from Africa, it’s Valdivian Temperate Rainforest, South America with a covered area of 249,000 KM (square). The next in the prestigious list is Tongass, North America. That is, with an Area of 68,000 KM (Square). Hence, followed by the Rainforest of Xishuangbanna, with an area of 19,223 KM (Square). Finally, in list is Sundarbans forest of India & Daintree Forest, Australia. In the prestigious list on the 8th is Kinabalu National Park.


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Amazon holds massive significance amongst the forests in the world. Precisely, much to the credit of the size of the forest. A size which is more than double of Congo Rain forest in Africa which is 3 Million Km (Square). Amazon is also a name of a river in the same continent South America. Also, is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world.

FORESTS & THE WILDLIFE- ‘A Sustainable Connection‘: 

The Forests are the home of the Wildlife & obviously, the Wild life all over the globe plays a massive. Furthermore, significant role for the ecology & environment. There are many books written & the movies made. Especially, the documentaries made on Wildlife & forests. The contributions of Discovery & National Geographic are massive in this regards. However, the novel by Rudyard Kipling by name of Jungle Book. Obviously, is a very famous book written on the life of Jungle. In fact, it’s the classic collection of animal tales that shows Rudyard Kipling’s writing for children at its best. The short stories and the poems include the tale of Mowgli. Obviously, a boy that is raised by a pack of Wolves in the Indian Jungle.

A film was also made by the name of Jungle Book. Thus, released in 2016 & is an adaption to the same novel written by Rudyard.

The connection of forest with the wildlife is obviously made strong by efforts that are important for the restoration of forests. Deforestation, is the purposeful clearing of forested land and is something that needs to be stopped.

Let’s save our forests & remember on this day. Obviously, the importance of forestry for the sake of environment. Forests takes carbon dioxide & releases Oxygen which is always good for the human beings & animals. Therefore, the forests helps in maintaining the balance of Carbon dioxide & Oxygen in the atmosphere. For sake of maintaining this balance in future. The sustainability regards to forestry should always be remembered for best results. World Forestry Day is just an awareness of the same. That is, highlighting the importance of forests to the people who are unaware of its massive advantages.

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