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Christina Ricci Tells Jenna Ortega That She’s A “Legend”


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Jenna Ortega thinks Christina Ricci is a “legend.”

The actress, who is 20 years old, is playing the title of Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s upcoming supernatural series. The series is a hit with viewers, and Jenna is honored to follow in the footsteps of Christina, the character in ‘Addams Family and its sequel ‘Addams’ Family Values’, back in the 1990s.

Jenna Ortega said: “Christina Ricci is a legend”.

“The character wouldn’t be so big had it not been due to her performance. I’m aware that I cannot beat anyone; therefore, I must change how I do things; however, the script is also like hers. So what can I do to take this and alter it in my way?”

Jenna was also awed by the interest level in the show ‘Wednesday‘..

The actress explained to The Face: “I didn’t know that at the time, or maybe I was being foolish and lame since Tim Burton is attached to it, but I did not think there were so many people who were going to be concerned about the project.

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“The tHere’s The Perfect Characterension is returning more since I’m unsure whether I did a great job. I’m in nearly every scene. It’s like I’m learning about her every day – I lie in bed in bed all night looking at the ceiling thinking It’s possible to have been that, and why didn’t I try this? It’s like an unreal nightmare.”

And Christina recently claimed that “every generation” should have its version of Wednesday.

The actress, 42, playing a brand new character on the Netflix show, said: “I love the spirit that they created the show. It indeed does have some of the energy of Wednesday – that sense of dignity, that self-assured girl who is aware of who she is and will not alter or belittle others.

“I believe it’s fantastic. Every generation needs each Wednesday.”

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