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Make Your Brand Standout With These 4 Amazing Logo Design Tips


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Hello there! Did you recently start a new business and want to make an impact? Are you unsure of where to start? If yes, then the first thing you need is an attractive logo. One that catches the eye, and everyone remembers it. The conquest for a “successful logo”  is where your logo design matters.  

A good logo has many benefits for your business. Firstly, it helps people know who you are and what you do. Moreover, it also tells them where to look for you. A logo doesn’t only tell; it also helps people remember you. The vibrant colours and the unique fonts help people recognize and remember you in the future. Hence, a good logo design is the first step to success.    

To give you some brain matter, ill explain four logo design tips that give you the logo with the firepower to take your brand to new heights. So let’s get started.

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Tip1: Know Your Audience

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Designing a logo is pointless until you don’t know your target audience. Ironically, it’s like firing bullets in the dark. 

Your target audience tells you a lot about your logo design. Because when you know what they want, you give them exactly that. 

Remember the trick that one size never fits all. So, you’ll build your approach with your information about your customers. 

So, suppose that you’re a diaper company. Since this is the case, your customers are parents who buy baby diapers. 

Now, considering this, you’ll go for a logo that looks good to babies, such as a picture of a smiling baby. You want to make your product look cute rather than aggressive. Therefore, you’ll avoid hard designs and detailed images or anything that doesn’t look “ babyish.” 

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On the contrary, you’ll use a different approach when getting logo design services for an energy drink. 

In this case, you’ll go for vibrant colours, catchy designs, and anything that looks charismatic. 

To sum up, making a logo becomes easier when you know the relevant audience.  

Tip 2: Use Simple Designs 

Ok, let me explain this more. I am not telling you not to use a design according to your brand. Rather, just don’t bombard your logos with too many colours or mix various designs.

Designing top logos is more about getting your message across, and simpler messages are easily understood. Yes, details are good, but adding unnecessary detail takes away attention from the main thing. 

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The same is the case with a graphic design logo. Filling your logo with too many colours, edges, loose ends, or other details confuses the viewer. Therefore, they don’t understand your logo. And when they don’t get its meaning, they don’t search for or buy your product. 

Hence, keep your logos simple so that they attract rather than distract.

Tip 3: Make The Right Colour And Design Choices

A logo that stands out is a successful graphic design logo. However, every logo doesn’t stand out. 

The reasons for bad logos are the wrong colour and design choices. 

Colours have a psychological effect on the consumer. What’s even amazing is that different colours have different meanings. 

For example, the colour red represents blood, love, and passion. Similarly, yellow shows optimism, enthusiasm, and energy. 

Now, considering what I told you, look at McDonald’s logo. The logo has both yellow and red. With these colours, Mc Donalds shows that its food gives you energy, and the feeling is energetic. 

The scenario would be different if Mc Donalds used colours like blue and green. Since blue represents sadness, and the green represents greed, it changes the entire impression of Mc Donalds. 

Aside from colours, your design also affects how the customer thinks. A good example is Apple. Apple’s digital design is an apple. The design is so popular that people quickly recognize it whenever they see it, which makes Apple so good, that it doesn’t advertise as much as other brands. 

Thus, a simple design with the right colours helps customers recognize your brand, which boosts your popularity. 

Tip 4:Be Original And Get Creative 

If you think you’ll steal someone’s design, change it a bit, and get away with it, you’re living in a small bubble, my friend.

A creative logo design is unique. It is new, with its colour scheme and catchy tagline. Therefore, since we live in the era of social media, businesses that copy logos are in for a world of hurt.

People hate businesses that copy logos. The copying makes the business look weak and a cheap rip-off of the original product. Moreover, people get the impression that since the product is a copy, it has bad quality. Hence, they go for the original one. 

To avoid copying logos, get a new idea, and don’t use common shapes. Butt heads with your graphics team or creative designer and designs a new concept. Trust me, the more unique your idea, the more wows you’ll get.

So in a crux, never intentionally or unintentionally copy someone’s logo design. Although it is a rather affordable solution, but it does more bad than good.  

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My Two Cents 

A designer design is the face of your business. It tells people who you are and what you do. How your logo looks impacts the number of your customers. However, designing a good logo is not a walk in the park. 

A good logo design is unique, uses the right colours, and is simple. Hence, using designs that aren’t unique is bad, and people hate it. It leads to negative publicity and unwanted attention.

So, when designing a logo, hire a good graphic design agency, think, and then make your decisions 

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