digital marketing trends
digital marketing trends

The year that has just started i.e. 2020 will be seeing many new marketing trends behaviours and analysis. The previous year was seen as a busy one for marketing and marketing trends lately, especially in digital marketing. In digital marketing, the trends change at a very rapid pace. This is mainly due to the number of digital marketing mediums that are active on the World Wide Web. These social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, Tumbir, WeChat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

According to the stats, the number of users for all these websites has changed since 2004. Furthermore, so are the trends in their applications and in digital marketing. Digital marketing trends means how the consumer’s behaviours have changed since the start of the first social media.

The literal meaning of ‘Trends’ relates to fashion in any industry. Mainly the ‘Trends’ means the most common behaviours of people according to a certain product or its usage. Also related to the most favourable and dynamic options that are seen more commonly than the others.

In digital marketing, the trends are according to the demographics as well. However, since lately it relates to online consumer behaviour options and also according to the country. However, since social media came it has changed many things and many perceptions.

predictive marketing
predictive marketing

We are currently in the age where data is vast, abundant and holds many platforms. These platforms are for engaging people with each other interactively especially in 2020. There are multiple channels of digital communications and marketing mediums that have transformed. These transformations are according to the needs of the modern age. It is in a highly unstructured and disorganized manner in which the content is mostly consumed. Hence, there needs to be a lot of homework before making a buying decision.

Predictive marketing means looking at existing positive data patterns and to anticipate results accordingly. The anticipation of the results is definitely based on patterns, stats, figures and past trends. Something that holds huge importance especially in the range of 5-10 years.

Some most common usage of predictive marketing in 2020 will be identifying the likeliness of a new lead. Hence, making a purchase decision and the sequence of a message to deliver to them.

There are many industries in this new age that has invested in the intelligence for predictive marketing. As an example, Hotels and Resorts have the dynamic ability that they can determine the number of guests. This is most likely on a day or an event to increase their booking rate.

smarter Ad bidding
smarter Ad bidding

According to previous stats that are based on the previous year’s performances of two big IT giants i.e. Google and Facebook. The giants are giving each other big competitions in smarter ad bidding. They are truly getting the best to spend using smarter ad bidding options i.e. another marketing trend. In fact, ad bidding in this modern world of marketing holds huge importance. It is the first thing that Facebook and Google teach during their training sessions. Both companies are getting creative with new options every day and bringing new features in smarter ad bidding. One of the features in smart ad bidding is “auction-time-bidding”. In this feature, Google holds the best signal, which is helpful in making the right bid at the right time. Commonly, known as ‘Auction’ and in technical know-how, it is known as Action-time bidding. The smart bidding features include different bidding strategies as follows;

  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAS
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Enhanced CPC

Both companies are doing more efforts in smart ad bidding by bridging the gaps between local experiences and advertisers.

One of the modern trends - Shoppable posts
One of the modern trends – Shoppable posts

Shoppable Posts has increased lately and its part of the social media campaigns over 2 years now. In the current year i.e. 2020, there will be a huge storm in shopping posts on social media. This is primarily because the retail giants are using social media for their adverts and real-time marketing.

With the involvement of third-party apps and e-commerce marketing tech. Therefore, its a process achieved via all this throughout of the box integrations. This new environment is part of the marketing trends that we discussed earlier. Therefore, it is on the rise at a fast rate as well due to multiple reasons.

SEO structured data
SEO structured data

Yet another Marketing trend with SEO Structured data is based on google search results and its analysis. A significant change in the number of visitors that a specific business is getting. This is mainly from organic efforts and SEO is expected to decline.  An effort from the most wanted search engine Google. This obviously means more informed click-through and how it will bring a dramatic decrease in the bounce rates. The technical implementation of this rich snippets is known as Structured Data. Used mainly as an online marketing trends analysis. In the new age, digital marketing its a huge and common trend.


As part of the dynamic digital media trends analysis, interactive e-mails have been highly popular, convenient and user-friendly. A number 1 design trend in e-mail marketing for people who use the internet mostly. These emails are to-the-point, engaging and focused They are known as engagement-based emails in digital marketing terms.

Some key examples of dynamic content are polls, quizzes, surveys, animated call-to-action buttons, and add-to-calendar events. All these are very useful in decision making for consumers.


With the increase in communications medium and enhancement in chat technology, digital marketing trends have turned to new dimensions. From their preferred messaging channels. More potential buyers and existing customers can interact with each other. The mediums are larger in the amount as well as well scattered across the web. Hence, making communications easier and far more interactive.

Some examples of such applications are WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and WeChat. The quickest, and most profound use of technology. The aim is signifying the goal of digital marketing, i.e. reducing time and increasing the marketing goals.


Templated marketing is a user-defined and customer-based approach in marketing trends analysis. As an example: running a paid campaign requires more than one components. This includes a landing page, a form, and a lead data platform. It requires 3 tools of communications with each other and its a highly synchronized process. The focus for the marketers should be cutting downtime, decreasing costs and increasing the content focus.

Highly focused marketing medium and one of the key digital marketing trends in 2020. The email marketing automation will surely save your time and energy. It will continue working in the background while you will be performing your other business responsibilities.


This trend has started to pick up pace in the year 2020. Therefore, as a bit, more than 50% of online searches shall be voice-based in the current year. Google Home, Microsoft Cortana and Alexa are some examples of smart speakers. Also thanking some startups that include Blutag and Jetson that are online sellers. Turning their products into voice-enabled marketplaces just for the selling and letting customers for order placement with voice commands. A new age innovation with voice search commands.