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Digital media marketing is a new age phenomenon that has changed many things. It has also changed the way online marketing takes place is the modern e-retail environment. The history dates back some decades when the World Wide Web (Internet) was first launched. In this digital age, the element that enriches online marketing is the result of the created environment. The 7 main categories are; Search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, Social media Marketing (SMM). In addition to this Pay per Click Advertising (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, and E-mail Marketing.

The Challenges have been there, however, the benefits have been more in terms of expansion of marketing strategies. Hence, making things more evident and symbolic, and marketing mediums more enhanced power generators. The Worldwide web is the most used medium since the internet revolution. Hence it is via various channels and their effective use. The use of high techs was made common.

Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is changing the search engine ratings to get positive results i.e. top 10 or top 20. With the search engine searches, and achieving the targets in the most comprehensive of ways. Changing in the most profound and sound ways as the word says. Therefore, in SEO the changes are more enhanced and distinguished. Changes are necessary for getting what you want from the searches. As the internet is a highly capable tool, that can refine its searches. Therefore, SEO or search engine optimization helps in reaching the targets in a faster way.


Search engine marketing is the process of optimization of the engine and marketing on search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, and others, etc. In SEM or Search engine marketing, the focus is the keyword research and results based on that. With SEM there needs to be more focus on the tools and the marketing mediums. However, there is a direct link to SEO with SEM. There are various ways of interlinking the tools and finally developing them as well. Hence, this is why SEM is more focused in terms of the marketing approach. A very comprehensive approach in digital marketing, as results are more profound and direct instead of being generic. The specific nature in SEM or Search engine marketing makes it a useful approach or type of digital media marketing.

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Pay-Per-Click advertising is a part of Search Engine Marketing and has been used very often these days. It is now one of the common marketing forms that relate to SEM. For paid search engine result page marketing PPC is used for increasing optimization.


PPC Stands for Pay-Per-Click marketing. As the name clearly suggests PPC or Pay-Per-Click, means that the advertisers have to pay. Hence, they shall have to pay every time their ads are clicked or accessed. PPC is a modern form of digital media marketing. It is a very successful one as well, due to many known facts. It can also be termed ironically as buying visits to the site, instead of making an attempt to earn them.


The most common types of digital media marketing tools. A tool that is clear, wise, elaborative and well defined. It is well defined in the form of revealing highly relevant data for the sake of marketing.

A marketing approach for the distribution of the most important material on the internet. As well as focused on revealing the most valuable and consistent content. The target is a defined audience that is highly specific in terms of their searches. In addition to this as well as to drive profitable customer action. It is a highly customer-centric approach that creates a relationship between the customers, and the online seller. The content being delivered is of high quality, and its a long term relationship. It is primarily important as the customer knows very well what they are looking for. Showing their interests in the product, the customers can do instant decision making. The satisfaction level of customers should be high. This is because the value of the content is the most important key for the customers.


A process in marketing by which an affiliate or a stakeholder earns a share of profit. The profits are in the form of commission for the marketing of the product. The tracking process is also very simple, as the sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another.

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The various stakeholders that are involved are seller and product creators, the affiliate and finally the consumer.


A way to use the software for the automation of marketing activities. This is concerned with some repetitive marketing mediums. There are many departments in companies that use repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and add campaigns. A more customized and repetitive environment of marketing the products where nothing can be missed from the consumer’s eye.


There are immense benefits associated with digital media marketing in the modern digital age. The benefits are because it is the most common and most up-to-date use of technology. This is especially in the modern age of gadgets and laptops. Facebook, one of the most commonly used Social media tool, is the biggest advantage, and one of the competitive ones. It is mainly because it is for all types of users and the accessibility is high. The advantage it holds for digital marketing is the immense amount of public liking worldwide. That has increased since the advent of the modern age smartphones and gadgets. Smartphones have not only made social media a common entity, but it has also enhanced the most dynamic features.

Whether it’s the marketing of a restaurant franchise or a clothing shop in town, Facebook is always prominent.


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