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As part of the branding and marketing strategies many companies are re-inventing their strategies of digital marketing. This is more precisely related to doing best to cope under the current circumstances. At the same time there also lies an opportunity to change, evolve and adapt with effect to the changing circumstances. It doesn’t matter who you are a change of approach is highly needed. Thus, what’s more needed is to re-access, re-think and re-invent your current approach regards to brands.

Branding strategies of any company for e.g. brands, Proctor & Gamble or Nestle can vary according to how circumstances start to re-invent for the future. This largely means, branding and marketing strategies can re-invent according to the demands and their specified needs. COVID-19, the pandemic has changed strategies of many companies as they have incurred huge losses in terms of the revenue generation.

The founder of Astra Media, Mr. Alec McCurry is positive that re-inventing the marketing strategy is part of the corporate culture and is indeed a need of the hour. The following are key points of focus


Preferring to adapt digital marketing strategies is what most people and companies are looking for in the current environment. Understanding the importance of digital media and a digital presence gives you an easy access. This is while showing immense importance to the digital world and the process to re-invent. It’s not easy to understand the importance of digital platforms. This is evident as the world is moving towards digitisation at a much faster rate.


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Being compassionate is yet another necessity of the digital marketing world in these times apart from Going digital. This can also be termed as an opportunity in disguise, as it will show more creative approaches for prolific brand ambassadors. Thus, it is important to think out of the box and envision to market online while being compassionate.

A huge example w.r.t. the changing circumstances is the way Bacardi has invested in their brand. They have shifted some amount of production to supply ethanol and help in the manufacture of hand sanitisers. Also, have a massive online presence and the change in online marketing strategies is proof to the change management approach. They have launched a campaign known as #raiseyoursiprits. This campaign has raised $3 million for the immense support of the restaurants and local bars. This is largely a support due to the pandemic, COVID-19.


Supporting a cause is part of the positive branding & marketing strategies that are in place simply due to the pandemic COVID-19. Although, the business has been slow, it can offer the brands the most calculative opportunity to reach their audience online. Also, coming up with digital marketing strategies for online shopping, as now it’s the best time to know customer expectations and what the customers are looking for.

According to McCurry, the owner of Astra Media people are most linked up and associated with those projects that they believe are making a big difference. Hence, the power that holds behind philanthropy and the social entrepreneurship is huge. It is because of the way it increases the customer’s confidence in your brand. Being philanthropic means you are very closely associated to the CSR values i.e. Corporate Social values that holds vital in the longer run.


Communicating often and effectively is an essential element on the way the brand is helping its consumers face the challenges to re-invent. Even in these uncertain times brands are highly aware of the way problem solving should be dealt with. The provision of real and tangible solutions in this hour of need is a must. It simply shows consumers that you practice what your preaching are. Not only for good problem solving concerns, this is highly detrimental for gathering consumer’s trust in future.

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Sometimes it is important indeed for a brand to stop thinking about the statistics, and numbers. On top of this, what holds more values are revenues and returns. Also, start thinking genuine and real ways of problem solving and marketing strategies. Furthermore, dealing with current scenarios and stresses amid COVID-19.

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