post covid world
post covid world

What offices might look like in Post COVID-19 world largely depends on the responsible attitude of the management. Hence, the way management is performing their desired roles and responsibilities. The employees in Canada going back to work in coming weeks must prepare themselves for many instant changes.

Hence, re-opening is not an easy decision in the current circumstances. Rather, its a brave one and requires immense amount of thought process. This thought process is vital for implementing the change in business functions. As part of the change management policies the employees should take care of two vital elements i.e. social distancing & wearing PPEs i.e. mask as health safety precautions. This is how the offices will be maintaining the organisational behaviour in office. A post pandemic workplace will be maintaining greater distance between desks. Furthermore, mandatory masks, shift work and lineups to take crowd-free elevators or getting a temperature check.

The advisers at the Canadian commercial real estate and architecture firms have issued strict guidelines to clients. These are based on how to prepare employees for their work place everyday in Post COVID-19. Once its deemed appropriate, the employees in Canada must return to their respective workspace. For the prevention of germs the use of spray in offices is a necessity. Especially, in the Post COVID-19 world, the practice should be made a common one. On top of this, sanitising for employees should be made essential. Regular sanitising and washing hands will definitely prevent germs from getting to each other. Primarily as COVID-19 is a pandemic that can be transmitted through physical contact and touch.


Being part of the change management policies and mandatory procedures. A greater personal space shall be available for employees and workers working in corporate offices. Being modified and maintained regularly is the seating plan as advised by the Canadian Govt. Hence, as according to the social distancing regulations being part of safety protocols. Open-plan offices with small workstations and few private offices can have space and reduce real estate costs. For the sake of encouraging team work and collaboration the dividers between cubicles have been abandoned. This is for the sake of regular interactions while maintaining the physical distancing order in Post COVID-19 world.

The term ‘Office Plague’ became a common thing long before COVID-19 hit the world. However, relying on the greater personal space means people are working while taking care of the COVID-19 work regulations. These are mandatory practices in offices all over the world, especially Canada.


As part of the regular practice and procedures and with strict compliance. On Arrival temperature checks must be followed in offices, and these should be part of the mandatory practices. In the Post COVID-19 world and being part of the essential health and safety practices. Screening procedures are what they are known as and are followed strictly as preventive measures. As part of the screening procedures could also include restricting the entry into the building. This is from just one access point instead of more than one. The interaction with security makes sure that people aren’t sick. Hence, their entrance makes sure that they are not under threat of COVID-19. Reluctance in following the strict COVID-19 practices means breaking the law. Hence, it is followed by heavy fines while avoiding the COVID pressure.


Organisational behaviour outlays an important role in the maintenance of regular work patterns for different workers. This is especially true if you are working in a Supply chain, a warehouse, or a factory. Hence, regularly taking work pressures, peer pressures and working in different work patterns. The shift patterns matter individually and on team basis during COVID-19 and Post COVID-19 working regulations.

With regular following in Canada of the aligned health & Safety procedures Working smartly in shift patterns helps in maintaining the social distancing laws at work. Furthermore, making sure in parallel that there is no loss of work. The aim is to work without loss of work activity and maintenance of the physical distancing at work place or offices.

Organised by days of the week or hours of the day are the shift patterns as according to Bergeron. Having a fewer number of staff on the premises at any given time would be a preferable act. Especially, for companies hesitant to incur the expense of additional space for the accommodation of the distancing protocols.


Safe dining arrangements are a necessity of the Post COVID-19 world, especially in the highly affected areas in Canada. These are according to the health and safety guidelines that are normal practice apart from COVID-19 health practices.

Unlike the corporate culture it’s important to adopt to food safety laws and practices with even more authority and impact. The canteens must maintain the social distancing order as well as there should be glass separators. This is for the sake of people’s safety and maintenance of distancing while eating. This is necessary as well because no one can wear a mask while dinning in the canteen hall.

Some other necessary implications includes the people serving in the canteen should be wearing transparent gloves. On top of that, mask and all the required PPE’s that are mandatory. Ironically, for the sake of health and safety guidelines due to COVID-19.