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While the COVID-19 recovery process is on the way with the re-opening of activities. The re-opening of key global operations is also taking place in parallel internationally. As According to many environmentalists the COVID-19 recovery process is acting as a vaccine. In other words solutions for the climate change in the entire global world. This is due to some similarities and outcomes. Hence, as COVID-19 and Climate change shares a unique and friendly relationship with each other.

The policy makers and decision makers should definitely focus on the vaccine and what are measures that are more needed. More or less to build the future and its sustenance with a global vision. For generations to come actions today will shape human existence. This happens as COVID-19 has been different in the history of world pandemics. Hence, the positive environmental benefits have shown us what is possible. Furthermore, how to make this environment a positive living environment for future environmental goals. Climate change has been taken as a larger problem that has significantly changed the world. This happened, since it was recognised as a significant problem by the world Governing bodies.

However, what’s most concerning about the pandemic COVID-19 & its recovery process. Its not just the virus itself but many associated issues that are interlinked. The climate change is what we have developed ourselves over the years. It is set to be the worst crisis of our times and ongoing. If the response is not instant and actions are not immediate. Ironically, than the crisis shall be shaping human civilisations for a millennia. In simple words, long term sustainability is the most wanted desire of the human race. Hence, also their biggest vaccine in times of concern.



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The climate change and COVID-19 enjoys a unique relationship. This relationship is rather new due to the latest pandemic’s growing impacts in the world. Climate change increases the likelihood of COVID-19 type pandemics. This simply means pandemics of similar nature that has a huge dependency on climate and what’s necessarily in the atmosphere. Talking in terms of the short term problems & their vaccine the last few years witnessed wildfires in Australia, innumerable deaths due to the Cyclone idai in Africa and many other extreme weather events. However, in the longer term the effects are more drastic as COVID-19 will have many serious and mental health consequences. These are in addition to the effects on the global economy and on global and regional food systems.

According to key stats from the World Bank. The figures shows that over 40-60 million people will be driven into extreme poverty in 2020 in post recovery. This poverty line is far higher than what it has been since few decades. This is mainly due to the pandemic’s long term effects on the globalised world especially the developing nations.

While we ponder more over the relationship between COVID-19 and climate change, its intersection is complex. For example if in a Class diagram, Class ‘A’ is COVID-19 and Class ‘B’ is ‘Climate Change’, its intersection i.e. A ‘Intersection’ B is a complex solution. This is not indeed a surprise regards to stats for atmosphere pollution. As we know well that air pollution is highly responsible for 7 million premature deaths per year.



The climate action and counter strategies are the next step in the agenda. It is in form of solutions or vaccine regards to countering COVID-19 pandemic in an undergoing recovery process. Hence, especially this year as it is already the middle of the year. It is estimated that in the next year millions of dollars of budget will be spent on encountering COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to this  similar pandemics w.r.t. the huge impacts of environmental sustenance. Investing huge sums in technology for prevention of COVID-19 and tackling climate change issues. These are huge investments in technologies that prevent systematic risks, reduce carbon emissions and in parallel improve societal resilience. By societal resilience we mean interactions in the society and bringing resilience to efforts in form of precautionary measures. The various strategies to combat climatic hazards and pandemic needs Government level strategies which are as follows;

  1. Science-Based Net Zero Strategies:
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    Adopting the pathway of scientific measures that includes Net-Zero strategies is the hour of the need. This is especially for a plan of the next 30 years i.e. 2050 making the environment absolutely Carbon free. The process will definitely create a 100% clean-energy system. Hence, accelerating the transition to zero-carbon mobility and finding out the potential of natural climate solutions. The use of nature at the optimum level is the best step against Climate change.

  1. Addressing Current & Future Health Risks:

    Addressing the current & future health risks means global health security frameworks are actively in action especially during the recovery. These also includes those hazards that are arising from climate change which is every MNC’s business. Also is part of their CSR i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility while addressing the challenges. Countering these risks also includes collective and committed planning and prevention of global threats. These are additional measures that are taken across all nations of the world and relative stakeholders.

  1. Redesigning Cities for Better Lives:

    Redesigning cities for a better life style while considering the climate change measures is the commitment. While we are entering the post-pandemic era, there should be rethinking regards to the urban design. This also includes planning and development and management of stakeholder relationships for urban development. While putting health at the heart of the urban life style. Experts should point out how they can design cities where people will have good access to security, opportunity & health centres. A huge responsibility lies regards to the sustainable efforts as we can’t ignore the science for positive climatic action. Today it’s our responsibility to build a healthier environment that will be a source of better outcomes for tomorrow.

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