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Leading your team into a Post Pandemic world is itself a huge challenge after a long break Post COVID-19. Even in the midst of what’s happening many sectors are still not fully opened and need opening up with a radical change management strategy.

According to Kotler’s model of Change management, there are some key measures that as a leader one needs to exhibit while ensuring change strategies. These include Creating urgency, forming a powerful coalition, creating a vision for change, communicating the vision, removing obstacles, creating short-term wins, Building on the change, and anchoring the change in the corporate culture. In this model for change management, most of the factors are easily applicable in the Post pandemic comeback.

However, there is a huge role that the leaders will have to play to make sure that the change management strategies take place effectively while leading. Communicating and creating the vision for change is one of the most important while the corporate sector is opening up again after a long break due to the Pandemic COVID-19. Building on the change and anchoring the change is the rest of the two measures that will definitely help in implementing the change in the corporate world and the environment in place.



This is the phase during which companies worldwide have sought to ensure their worker’s physical safety. Companies have in addition to the measures also implemented work from home measures. As well as sanitized essential areas and shifted operating models. Contactless delivery is yet another significant example which many companies have adopted to avoid the pandemic.

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Apart from safety, they are working for the assurance of security as well which is another key and primary concern. Many companies have made sure that employees keep on working on payrolls for as long as it is possible. Alternatively, some companies have increased pay for front line team members and core workers. Many companies have established employee relief funds for the sake of addressing change on an urgent basis. Flexibility is also evident by senior executives and the Board of Directors who have cut down their salaries.

A huge question is how are leaders able to address their worker’s higher-level needs during the pandemic? Leading with vision and leading with a kind of singular force is the hour of the needs for leaders. The type of leaders that are most needed in times of Pandemic needs to have a greater vision. The leaders are the ones with a strong analytical and focused mind. Having a positive approach and a vision for change while demonstrating vulnerability and empathy. A combination of a science-based approach with a human touch is what is needed to undergo leadership challenges effectively.


As many companies in Canada are planning to re-open in the opening up phase. They are bound to take some key steps in the form of precautionary measures and key implications. While preparing for the next phase the spectrum needs to be broad for their employees and their needs. This is apart from just creating a physically safe workplace to other mandatory measures. As an example, the companies are considering the following measures that span the full range of human needs. Some key points for companies and leadership while leading are as follows:

  • Key highlights on how the activities of the companies are contributing to the common good. At the same time making a huge difference in people’s lives.
  • As part of crisis management, the company must define the conditions that will ensure the safe re-opening of the procedures. These include in-home services to offices and stores.
  • Celebrating the inspiring news a way to tackle worker’s mental health problems while leading into Post COVID-19.
  • The company should make sure that they bring back as many workers as possible Post COVID-19. This is essential for the own good of workers and their simultaneous team commitments at work.
  • Highlighting the roles that employees can play while they are back at work. This will definitely give them back their attitude at work as it used to be Pre-COVID-19.
  • Ensuring honest communication at professional levels with the employees. The communication should be truthful, humane, and caring to deliver them that the world is constantly changing. Also highlighting that some things that are not changing are the company’s core focus and their corporate values.
  • Apart from bringing back maximum employees, team communication with those working remotely should have special attention. They must have in their minds the vital importance of working remotely.
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Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi
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The President & CEO of MBE Group. His thoughts and how to be positive esp. while fighting with COVID-19. A successful man & a great ability writer.

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