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Metaverse Gets Savagely Mocked And It’s Ridiculous


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The company has spent $18 billion for the virtual and metaverse. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has shared an image. An image, that has been slammed and mocked ruthlessly by consumers and the gamers.

Meta has spent 18.5 billion on…this? Mark Zuckerberg shares a bewildering image of a hopeful metaverse. However, it is a disaster when users, the gamers. Finally, others criticise its deficient and outdated image.

Meta’s next Horizon Worlds is looking rough. The cover is a powerful statement. Furthermore, reminds me of the counterfeit DS cover images. These are images that would show up on gaming forums in the mid-2000s. Meta is using Facebook’s billion-dollar advertising revenue to finance Horizon Worlds, a new platform that hopes to lead the metaverse. Meta, which transformed their brand name away. That is, from One of the more famous compound words of the past to a moniker. Thus, reflecting the new platform that is evangelised. Also, has invested $18 billion into its plans for VR/metaverse since the year 2020.

In the meantime, Fortnite is running laps around Horizon Worlds through its use of pop-culture references and constant expansion. Yes, Fortnite is a real game. Also, the Horizon Worlds is a watered-down version of PlayStation Home. That aims to become a high-end monetisation tool with ads and cosmetics. However, the incorporation of cross-media and cultural icons stays the same. Meta can learn valuable tips in the footsteps of Epic Games.

It appears that Meta is following its own drum. Furthermore, is determined to be the first to lead web3 for a single reason: Control. Meta or Facebook is different from its competitors. Hence, allowing it to define an entirely new technology on an entertainment. Also, the consumer. As well as an enterprise level. This is what Microsoft is planning to achieve (and is currently doing). Thus, by implementing Metaverse’s own plans that are more elaborate.

This is what Mark Zuckerberg told investors in the Q2 earnings call:

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“The metaverse offers a tremendous opportunity due to a variety of reasons. The most important is that it allows deeper social experiences. These are experiences, in which you experience a real sensation of being with others. Regardless, of the place they are, when you’re engaged in games. While, working for hours or if you’re just dipping into a few minutes. Thus, at an opportunity to talk to a person you know. Otherwise, to collaborate on a project in a short time. Through helping to the development of these platforms. We’ll be able be able to design these experiences in as we. Also, the whole industry believes is the most effective. Hence, rather than being constrained by the limitations that our competitors impose on us, on our community, and small businesses.

“Given certain challenges in business and product development that we are facing. I believe more confident that the development of these platforms could unlock. Interestingly, hundreds of billions. Alternatively, trillions of dollars, in the future.

“This is clearly a hugely expensive project over the next few years. However, as the metaverse grows more relevant in every aspect of our lives. That is, from our social media platforms and entertainment to education. Also, work, and business. I’m certain that we’ll be thankful. Ironically, that we played a key role in the creation of this.”

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