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Creating Road-Maps For New Business On Basis Of Established Businesses


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Establishing a new business is really a hard thing to deal with in these current times. Especially, to make it look unique in terms of key operations. Furthermore, how to link-up the operations with other set of operations already active. Why it is important to create a unique road-map is something that is highly linked up with the business success and certainty elements. You want to be in-charge of your business. Hence, automatically you need to take some immediate and vital steps regards to this. This is apart from creating your own unique road-map.

While we have recently established M-rides, M-Foodz and M-Delivery derived from the main stream successful businesses, i.e. Uber, Kareem and Skip-the-dishes. The concept again is simple, hence defines the importance of the uniqueness of business operations. This is  apart from its vital road-map. Having an inspiration from the main stream businesses is something different than landing to your own business goals that needs to be distinguished. Your road-map doesn’t only have to be an admirable one, however, it needs to be a unique one as well. Particularly, in terms of what business objectives you are looking for. Apart from the business goals, are the profitability margins that you are looking for and what is the time frame in which you desire to achieve them. Don’t forget, the business world demands success with time, as ‘Time is money’ in the business world. Furthermore, can’t in any way be sacrificed.

Establish a desired plan, how to work on the plan on a daily basis, the team involvements and the execution. Finally, what’s most important is the set of date in your mind, the plan shall enter the implementation phase not only practically, but successfully. What it vitally needs is a proper road-map and dedication.


Creating your own unique path not only demands business excellence and business intelligence. However, it also demands the right approach and the approach needs to be a unique one. Your unique path, is your road-map for success for that particular business. On top of this, how you can achieve your business goals in the correct time frame. Why time frame matters is mainly because your set of goals needs to be achieved via a certain time value in your mind as a business leader.

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A unique pathway or a road-map also signifies that your business goals are hidden. Furthermore, only you know what you want to achieve in what time frame. However, what’s transparent is the way you will achieve that target which might be hard as well. Your best contingency plan or a ‘Plan-B’ shall always be vital in your efforts to get to your business targets anyways. However, the commitments and the dedication level shouldn’t be compromised upon. Importantly, while you are in the process of creating a distinguished road-map.

The ‘focus level’ that you might achieve, let’s say in a period of five months shall definitely show the intensity of your business goals. Apart from this, how well you have performed while creating your own unique road-map. It also determines how well you can utilise the resources to get to your targets.


Make a good plan for at least the time frame in which your company can get to profitability, i.e. the Pay-back period. A plan is a set of directions that helps in getting to what you want and how you want it. Even if you won’t be able to achieve your targets. Obviously, you would have made a mark in the industry that shall become a potential source of inspiration. In most cases a plan always becomes a useful guide to achieve the business targets, despite of the hindrances. You must stick to strict compliance with your targets.


Team management while establishing a new business demands discipline and dedication apart from proper planning. Your team management abilities always helps in gaining the advantage you have always been looking for. Your team needs to be motivated. Furthermore, should have targets in their minds that needs to be achieved. For example, in next three months if you have planned that your new business should be launched in media advertising. Obviously, than you need to design a team according to a planned three months target regards to your advertising goals. In most cases known as an ‘advertising plan’, it should hold all the key guidance that is required for good implementation.

Achieving concurrent team planning is a vital ingredient. Ironically, as concurrency is highly desirable while managing more than one business or business operations.


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As soon as the plan enters the execution phase, you have to make it count for bigger and better results. It is indeed the most key phase or part of your road-map, thus, it might not be the first one. The execution needs the highest success levels as your investments are highly dependent on the execution phase also known as the ‘implementation of key operations’.

Don’t compromise on the execution part as the deliverable in a plan are largely dependent on how well the plan is executed with the right value set for the time frame.


You should in every way must have a set of date in your mind or on paper on which the business will finally see success. Importantly, as an entrepreneur you need to be more predictive regards to the results you need.

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