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   Canada, a country full of economic boom, high-rise buildings, research and development and universities with excellent academic and sports facilities. The cities of Montreal, Toronto, & Ottawa are Canada’s top cities. Followed by Vancouver, Calgary, London, and Victoria are all full of economic growth and highly prospective. The second-largest country area-wise is the 4th most wanted country for international students after the USA, UK and Australia. Why international students are preferring Canada for an MBA degree? A question that means a lot to the business schools of Canada whose consistency and growth have been phenomenal. It’s the Return on Investment (ROI) and the work-life balance that are the two most prominent reasons.

A diverse population is applying every year, however, most students prefer to avail the opportunity of living in Canada. A land of business opportunities where many young and dynamic businessmen are investing and earning every day. Jobs are Govt.’s responsibility and they provide people with platforms to work after completion of the study.

A country full of energy for students is now a hub to international students. Especially, cities like Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Preferences are mainly because of the confidence Canada has shown since last few decades. This is in terms of job markets, business prospects and living up with the challenges of the practical world.


The visas for MBA students are friendly provided they fulfil all the academic criteria. These also include language proficiency and the required work experience. Studying abroad is not an easy process, and needs lots of paperwork and fulfilling the formal requirements. In Canada, comparatively, it’s easier for international students as they present the most opportunity and study abroad options.

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Canada became a priority for most MBA students. Three years of post-study work visa means 3 more years of visa on a work permit. In 3 years most international students can achieve their targets of attaining a job in Canada’s most competitive job markets. For MBA students the market is good enough as the economy holds higher business prospects and job prospects. Another advantage is the huge land and provincial distributions. However, a Canadian Post-study work visa is applicable everywhere in Canada. Hence, students can easily get a job after having their work visas.

As according to the statistics the applications are increasing annually as more migrations are taking place every year.


 Canada has a highly thriving job market and according to the Govt. policies jobs are easily attainable for deserving candidates. If you are an MBA, you will have higher options and good prospects of getting a placement. The job market for Int. students are improving every day. These are the efforts of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has been remarkable with his reforms. Reasons are improved business prospects & more investments in Canada. Also, more people coming from various countries just for the purpose of study and work. The boom in the job market has been significant since the last decade. Primarily because Canada has a policy of equal rights and equal opportunities. It means jobs for everyone in their specified field of interest. Furthermore, in their specific field of study or research without any racial discrimination.

The two major cities that are gathering a lot of expertise in professional fields are Toronto and Montreal. These are the best cities in terms of the job market and prospects for young expatriates. Other cities like Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver fall in the 2nd range. They are the cities where prospects are booming with the Canadian economy.


Canada’s work environment holds huge priorities for aspects related to work-life balance. You don’t necessarily have to be a workaholic to survive in the Canadian work environment. However, it’s preferable that you spend good family time, along with work. Especially necessary if you are doing a management degree or in an MBA programme.

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According to a 2018 survey, a huge 69% of workers in Canada rated that work-life balance as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Students were happy with the friendly and cultural environment of cities like Toronto and Montreal. These are cities where they spend their time with balance while they worked and enjoyed their student’s life.

Some international students preferred learning English and French during their semester holidays. This showed the flexibility associated with the Canadian environment for international students while they studied. An MBA degree needs more Work-life balance as the nature of the degree is tough. Hence, it’s important for students to have a balance between study and student’s life.

CULTURE- ‘Canadian Culture for Int. Students’

A culture that highly suits international students with diverse communities and places to mingle and enjoy. Montreal and Ottawa are the cities that regularly feature in ‘best cities for student’s life’ ranking tables. These are also cities that are good for a management experience or an MBA degree.

According to the students Canada is highly collaborative and an open country for international students. Especially, the MBA students prefer Canada for the last few years. The country is full of practical experience as well as mixing in the Canadian culture. Students love and enjoy the culture of many big cities especially Montreal which is the second-largest city in Canada. It’s just not about the cultural heritage of Canada. It’s also about people mixing together, working together and dining together in a friendly environment. People from overseas want to learn more about Canadian history and Canadian wildlife. Also, love exploring Canada as it is one of the best countries in the list of tourism.


A country that gives a higher return on investment as compared to many other countries including Australia and New Zealand. As an International MBA is a costly qualification and needs a higher return after investing huge amounts. For e.g. A General MBA from JMSB costs $23,750 for international students. Ironically, the expectations from the international job markets are higher. Hence, Canada is one of the countries that fulfil most requirements.

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