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Northern Ontario located in the North region of the great Ontario Province is the main and key attraction for people all over Canada. It is a key part of the Ontario province. Also, has a massive role to play in promoting the cultural Tourism campaign. The region is highly famous for its Canadian shield. In addition to this, above all has amazing & top tourist destinations. Also, filled up with top-class sandy beaches. Apart from beaches more than 20,000 lakes which include Lake Superior.

The scenic beauty of Northern Ontario province is itself a huge attraction for many visitors coming to Canada. These are tourists coming to Canada on an annual basis just for the sake of Tourism. Hence, as a matter of fact, the region is a massive contributor to huge profits in the Tourism sector. An industry that is flourishing every passing day due to the rich Canadian culture. Also, the values that relate to a passion for Discovering Northern Ontario. Ironically, a big reason why organizations like DNO or Discover Northern Ontario are joining the Ontario govt. in the great cause. That is, for the sake of promoting regional tourism in Ontario. On top of that, contributing big time to Tourism Northern Ontario. It is the most populated province of Canada with almost 38% of Canadians residing in Ontario. That is, for sake of daily bread and butter and big and small businesses.

Let’s Discover Northern Ontario and Top Tourism destinations. These also include Top holiday spots that are regarded as favorites for the Tourists.


A popular provincial park located in Northern Ontario by the name of Kill bears Provincial Park. It is truly a beautiful place to visit and for most a must-visit. The exact location of the provincial park is the Parry Sound District. A district located on the Georgian Bay of Northern Ontario. The massive provincial park consists of Pines, Sandy Beaches, and lakes. This is in addition to the rocky ridges of the Canadian Shield. Interestingly, the park is surrounded by approx. 30,000 islands of different sizes, i.e. small or large. The Georgian Bay consists of the world’s largest archipelago freshwater.

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The park is a popular Tourist destination who loves to do activities that include swimming & cycling. Furthermore, boating, fishing, and finally camping. Obviously, as a Tourist one can’t miss the fun to enjoy the sunset in Georgian Bay. On top of this, windsurfing, and gorgeous scenery of the pines and the Rocky Islands.


Now is the time to discover the variety that the Northern Ontario region presents and the variety that highlights its rich cultural tourism values. We are going to discuss the Fort William Historical after the Kill bears Provincial Park. Two different holiday and Tourism destinations in contrast. It is no doubt one of the best Tourism destinations in Northern Ontario. A reason for this is they provide many events that include customized characters. Provides activities for all four seasons as it is open all throughout the year, which is good. Usually, people while they enjoy a variety of their meals also look for detectable and historical information. Thus, it is linked up with medieval and ancient historical values and customs.


A Thousand Islands, as the name is evident is a massive group of 1800 islands. These are a group of islands that are located in Northwestern Ontario. Tends to be a perfect and most adorable place to spend a picnic or vacation.

The key places that are worth visiting in The Thousand Islands are Confederation Park Sculptures & Joel Stone Park. It also includes Gan Brewing Company and Thousand Island Boat Museums.


A famous place to visit for the people visiting Northern Ontario. Especially, for those who love the waters. James Bay as it is known famously is a massive water body located in Northern Ontario on Hudson Bay, Canada.

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The popular rivers that are a Tourist attraction for the people coming to Northern Ontario include the Albany River & Moose River. It also includes Broad back River Rupert River and the famous Canadian Heritage River. Ironically, named as significant for Canada’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism. All these five rivers are divided between Ontario and Quebec Provinces. Hence, James Bay borders the province of Ontario from the Northside and Quebec.


Yet another famous water body located in Northern Ontario is the North Bay. Actually, it’s a city located in the Northeastern part of Ontario in Canada. Tourists coming to North Bay usually take a ride. Additionally, explore the North Bay land of ATV or snowmobile at Laurentian Ski hill.

The city is famous for its arts and culture. Hence, while being a decent role player in promoting cultural Tourism values in North of Ontario. The city is a good mix of museums, art galleries, and a theatre arts center. Also, includes symphony, and dance with live entertainment at the Capitol Centre.

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