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Russell Westbrook plans to sign with the Clippers following the Jazz buyout


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The NBA buy-out market has witnessed a lot of activity. This is activity, prior to the 1st of March deadline. Including, ex-MVP Russell Westbrook joining the Los Angeles Clippers. Furthermore, former All-Star Kevin Love joining the Miami Heat.

How will these signings affect the teams? We’ll need to wait patiently to see when the NBA resumes following its All-Star break to find out what happens. But, in the immediate after-effects, the players have both landed in positions. These are the positions, that are likely to see them get some playing time.

Russell Westbrook:

It’s not a fact that Westbrook isn’t an incredibly effective shooter. Someone, who turns the ball too often and isn’t an advantage defensively. But, if you take the glass-half-full approach, with his recent arrival in Los Angeles – well, the second time he’s arrived in Los Angeles if we’re being technically accurate There’s no doubt that the Clippers need a lot of guards.

The Clippers have shifted away from John Wall and Reggie Jackson. Thus, by adding Westbrook, Bones Hyland from the Nuggets and Eric Gordon from the Rockets. They now have a new back-court design for the final twenty-one games remaining in this season.

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Westbrook can bring energy and a lot of it, to the Clippers. An energy, which have generally been similar in recent seasons and are ranked 25th in league speed. The Clippers have a way of expressing their appreciation for playing in transition and constantly putting pressure on the edge. Westbrook does exactly this, and with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard having the ability to start the offense and creating their own looks Perhaps the Clippers can use them to take on Westbrook’s other attributes.

Since, indeed, Westbrook comes with specific strategic issues.

The fact that the 34-year-old shooter isn’t great. Thus, often places more emphasis on his teammates in order to create double-teams. These are the teams, that can be which are pushed by Westbrook’s personal man. Westbrook has been unable to connect on only 29.3 percent of his three-pointers during the last six seasons, and his opponents are well aware of his weaknesses as the shooter.

To be fair to Westbrook the player. He cuts pretty well off the ball. Furthermore, can do rapid reads while holding playing the ball with his fingers as he goes. With the Clippers He’ll have to discover cutting angles, specifically in the middle of the court, to be more effective in the long run, since Leonard is particularly adept at operating a fair part in the high-post with double-teams generally coming out of the corner.

But what is most important thing is the way Westbrook adapts to the position that is more of a table-setting player and complementing scorer. The days of the superstar are gone. Being on the fifth team for the same season is a clear indication of that. This is the right time to recognise his place on the pecking list.

Kevin Love:

It’s a fact that the Miami Heat always seem to be able to cope, regardless of whether they’re lacking talent or are suffering from injuries or even a different thing altogether. This is a team that you cannot wholly eliminate when they’re down.

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The possibility of them acquiring an athlete like Love even though it’s in the latter stage of his career is an excellent finding. Although he was a part of the lineup in Cleveland and Cleveland, there is an immediate need for Love for the Heat since he gulps in rebounding and is able to take long shots from a distance. Additionally, the Heat have a shortage of talent, particularly at significant positions.

It’s true that Love isn’t a great driver or dribbler, but the Heat isn’t afraid to watch the ball go through the air he’ll compensate for it by serving as a hub of passing which he’s always excelled at.

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