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Atlas and Queretaro Are Set To Face Each Other After Pitched Battle


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Atlas and Queretaro, all set for the match, i.e. one-on-one. Over 1,300 security personnel will be securing Jalisco Stadium. Jalisco Stadium for the match between Foxes and Gallos at the beginning of Day 7 of Apertura 2022.
Soccer players and other people take a walk around the field of La Corregidora stadium in Queretaro. Photo: REUTERS/Victor Pichardo

Five months and numerous sanctions after, Atlas and Queretaro are going to face off again within Liga MX. Following the violent incidents that occurred the last time the two groups met in the past. That is, the match day seven in 2022’s Apertura is scheduled to be held under the guise of high-risk. Furthermore, under a vigilance police force that comprises more than 1,300 security personnel within the area. In addition to this, in the Jalisco Stadium, venue for the match.

The match was announced by Liga MX itself. The person who announced that the match would be given special coverage. That is, from authorities to ensure that an incident like that which occurred at the Corregidora Stadium on March 5. In any possible way, it doesn’t gets repeated. Importantly, when players and fans battled in a scene of extreme violence. At an event that is amongst the biggest and most important ever events. Hence, in the overall history of Mexican soccer.

Directors reported on an interaction between various officials. Also, reported the following “at the meeting, there were Public Security officers from were present. Including, the Municipality, Civil Guard, Roads, Private Security of the various corporate entities (CEA, IRON TIGER, LEO VIP). Hence, as well as Civil Protection of the Municipality, Inspection and Regulations & Stadium Operations. Finally, Representatives of the Club Atlas and Commissioners of the LIGA MX”.


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Alongside the selection of the elements to guard the stadium. Also agreed upon were some of the following issues. That is, the transfer of clubs throughout the city. Buses that are supervised by Public Security. These were the ones who helped the entry into the stadium. Hence, as well as the National Guard and That Gallos Blancos will be provided with an escort. An escort that will be permanent at their hotel where they play. Also, throughout their transfers and transfers; that the operatives begins five hours before the whistle’s first sound. As well as, that the Atlas animation team is guarded continuously. Hence, from the moment they enter. Until their removal.

Regularly applied in every match as part of the protocol. Regards to the reviewing of the discriminatory and offensive acts, the director of the league clearly mentioned the protocols. Furthermore, also its implementation phases. They stated that there would be zero tolerance for those who violate rules. These are rules regarding Health & Safety. As well as, the guidelines against discriminatory actions.

In the final announcement of the actions to be taken the following day. They made a plea to all participants to ensure the progress of sports. These are sports, that are not a source that involve violence. “The LIGA BBVA MX invites fans to take part in the game. While, highlighting the procedures implemented throughout the matches are for the sake of family football.”

Fans staged a brawl and encroached on the field during Queretaro’s vs. Atlas

The match

What time is it? Thursday 4 August, 8:30 p.m. Central Mexico time.

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Where? In at the Jalisco Stadium.

Where can I go to watch? On Afizzionados channel. Afizzionados channel.

In terms of news about sports the situation for each club is a bit tangled. While Atlas is the reigning champion in Mexican football. Ironically, their beginning of the season hasn’t been the way it was anticipated as. That is, in six matches they’ve barely won (for one draw and four defeats). They are headed by Diego Cocca are in dire need of a winning performance. Thus, in order to move up places on the league.

Queretaro is, in turn is in the bottom half of the class with just two units following the same draw. This Gallos Blancos squad. Hence, along with Chivas and Mazatlan are the only team that have no idea what it takes to win in 2022 Apertura and their coach is Mauro Gerk. Someone, who is getting ready to be among the first teams to lose their place this season.

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