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The role of smart technologies is highly integral while outlaying an influence on the hospitality industry in Canada. A sector that is a huge revenue generating sector in a vast country like Canada. Ironically, due to the number of people going for holidays and vacations from overseas and within Canada annually. The hotel industry is a posh industry in Canada with the hotels being the primary source of inspiration. Especially, for the people coming from abroad, i.e. outside Canadian borders. Canada-wide the hotel industry is seen to be uniform in terms of the rich standards, technologies and diversity. This is diversification in terms of the values & the service deliverable including technologies. This is ranging from the guest experience to the marketing. Hence, the smart hotel technology offers a wide variety of cost savings and revenue opportunities. Especially, while enabling the hotel owners to reach the new profitability levels. Apart from the profitability levels, the customer experience is much valued in the hotel industry in Canada. On top of this, it brings with it a charm of a hotel stay and love for quality & enriched food.

Here are some ways in which the smart technology shall be reshaping the hotel industry in the near future.


Smart energy management or ‘SEM’ systems is a vital part of the modern energy management systems in terms of the usage of technologies. These are a nice blend of energy management practices in place in smart buildings and the hotels. Obviously, in the hotel industry it has taken innovation and technology to new & considerable heights. These energy management systems are aligned with energy management best practices and includes sustainability measures. Also includes the CSR, which are importantly realised all over the entire world. Smart energy management not only means savings in terms of the profitability levels. But, also bridges the gap between the technology sector and the luxuries associated with best hotel management practices. The benefits it includes relates to cost savings & energy savings. These are for better environmental effects, & increasing the awareness levels amongst the consumers. Part of the CSR activities, it is integral to show how people are taking good care of the activities needed for saving the energy. As well as saving the environment for better environment protection activities and goals.

According to an anonymous research Smart Energy management systems can bring reductions to hotel energy costs by a massive 25%. At the same time it is helpful in generating some of the fastest payback periods. An investment return lasting from one to two years. In addition to this, can significantly increase the resale value of a hotel. The factors that are actually the success generators are the payback period, investment rate of return and ROI or Return on Investments. All these realises the profitability margins associated with the hotel industry worldwide.

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These systems also enable that the customers have a good understanding of their energy needs. They can also realise how best the needs can be catered  by the customers. They have a decent know-how of automate consumption and adaption to real time changes in occupancy. With the help of HVAC systems installed, and motion sensors the energy consumption is at its very best. This is in addition to the machine-learning algorithms. On top of this, improving the overall lighting consumption throughout the year.


Smart reserve parking is a common application of technology in modern hotel industry. This is done with convenience through the use of smart sensors and the usage of hotel apps on mobile phones. These apps allows the guests and customers to make reservations of the parking spots in advance of their visit. Especially, to have their space assigned on arrival. This will be a huge advantage and will save hotels the labour costs of manually managing the parking inventory. Apart from this, it will give the guests a smooth experience. An experience that they shall remember and would love to come again for an enriching experience.


As part of the smart technologies that influences the hotel industry in Canada. The Hotel management systems and privacy policy via data protection Act are the two major influences. A hotel management system stores critical data of the regular guests. Furthermore, customers while taking good care of their tastes, values & liking and disliking. It further includes liking and disliking based on customer preferences. These preferences includes regards to food in-take, room service & the guest preferred choices. In addition to these, utilisation of facilities and many other preferences for a smoother guest experience next time.

However, a data protection Act always takes care of the big data provided by customers. This includes protection of bank card details and the protection of key individual details. Additionally, all other details to be protected that are regarded as critical in the customer’s eye & the regulatory eye. The data protection operations are carried as according to the data protection Act. Hence, operational in Canada in all the companies country-wide. This is according to HAC or Hotel Association of Canada privacy policy.


The remote check-in and check-out is a facility that enables the guest to check-in remotely through their mobile devices. This will enable the hotel management to better manage their staff and staff utilisation. Also, saves the time factor and finally saves the labour costs. The technology can also be helpful & meaningful in making the staff alert. Hence, while the guests arrive and saves the time for the welcoming process. At the end of the day and better and much more personalised guest experience.

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An easy check-out experience similar to the remote check-in. Something, which is witnessed by the customers and allows them to arrange for their transportation. This is on their way back from an enriching guest experience. The transportation can be in form of anything, i.e. taxi, airport shuttle, or a ride-sharing service. Hence, it is not only a convenient procedure to checkout remotely. Ironically, also saves labour costs to considerable levels.

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