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Online Grocery Shopping & Reasons Customers Will Prefer The Option


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The future of customer experience and customer engagement holds vital and distinguished values. These are values especially regards to the online grocery shopping. A trend that is very common these days in Canada as online grocery shopping is a far easier option. On top of this, convenient than shopping in-store. For some people this statement might not be that true. Mainly, as they prefer to satisfy their needs and shop in-store than order via online shopping. But, it’s the most convenient format in shopping and the most reliable one when you can’t afford to pop-in the store for few grocery items. There are other key reasons as well that customers prefer online shopping. Particularly, like saving some dollars of fuel and others like being at home as they love to stay at home. However, there are reasons that online shopping is still at the development stage in many places. Hence, while earning only a marginal share of the sales revenue.

If we discuss some key facts regards to the U.K where it has been very famous since last five years. In U.K online sales accounts for only around 5% of the sector’s revenues. Thus, no one can doubt the retail supply chain power of most famous brands in the United Kingdom. An example of these brands are Tesco and Morrison’s. Same is the case in Canada, but trends are changing at a much faster rate. Especially, as Canada is a huge country with a lot more low population density as compared to the United Kingdom.

With the amount of online options that are expanding constantly. The share of online sales in the world could well increase in future. This is especially true as online grocery satisfies a large number of consumer requirements.

Reasons why customers will prefer online grocery shopping options are listed as follows;


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It saves time to a huge extent as it’s a universal fact that ‘time is a precious good’. For some people, especially at few times in-store grocery shopping including driving to the store. Also, finding the suitable parking and waiting in line at checkout can be highly time consuming. They would prefer to do that but only in their free times or, during the weekends. However, when coupled with timely deliveries and user-friendly online offers. Hence, in contrast can really help to speed up the grocery shopping.


Flexibility is a key element and something that is admired by customers as it makes them more flexible in terms of the options. The in-store grocery shopping provides the consumers with many key advantages. At the same time it also imposes restrictions on them. These are restrictions, especially in terms of the time-frame availability. It also helps the customers plan ahead their food shopping from order to delivery. Vitally, so that it submerges in their daily routine.


Online grocery offers home delivery options that are reliable & fast in terms of the deliverable. The home delivery service option which many food retailers offer to their valuable customers, can save the eager customers’ more than just time. Also, the struggle to carry the shopping with heavy shopping bags. Ironically, it is indeed a struggle that you can easily avoid.

A huge advantage, especially for the old-age people. In addition to the oldies, those with disabilities as well. Ironically, as they can avoid the option of popping in-store for shopping.


The best part that is indeed an attraction in online grocery shopping are attractive deals and useful discounts. As compared grocery shopping is found to be much more expensive in-store. Comparatively, than shopping online where you can definitely save some extra quids. Deals and discounts are a huge norm. Simply, as a large number of grocers are competing for online customers. Thus, the online offers can definitely be lucrative and attractive for the penny pinchers. Hence, apart from being competitive.


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The online shopping for grocery definitely holds a larger variety of choice for the customers. If you tend to look for products that are rare to find. Alternatively, if a local grocery store has limited storage space. Obviously, the online grocery shopping manual is the best way to deal with your current needs. Frankly speaking, for the sake of customers an online grocery store can fulfil even the most unusual requests and demands of customers.


Even though there are stores these days that are open 24/7 for the convenience of their customers. Still, they also need to be closed like on Sundays (open for limited time). Furthermore, also closed on public holidays for example new year’s day or Christmas. With the online grocery shopping the best part is there are no closing hours. You can order your favourite grocery on Christmas Day. Importantly, when all the stores in your town are closed. An option that can never be disregarded as it holds values of trust for the consumers. Most importantly, makes them more easy and relaxed. Hence, as they can prefer to relax on a holiday or , if they are in need of some grocery on a public holiday.


You are sitting and relaxing on a beach, and suddenly you realise that your house mates need grocery as they will be home in an hour’s time. Obviously, you can order grocery instantly and spontaneously. Conveniently, just through easy internet access on your smartphone. Saves time for you to reach home. Furthermore, lets you know at the same time when your grocery will be at your place.

As part of customer engagement, spontaneous shopping is the biggest advantage for online grocery shopping.

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