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How stress management directly impacts job sustainability is a topic that may hold many different opinions. However, in the light of organisational behaviour and the company’s work culture. Obviously, the topic holds massive importance levels. Sustainable solutions for stress management always works out well. Hence, at the workplace and regards to the issues that may arise at work. The workplace stress is most of the time associated with physical health problems with a tendency to grow. These includes headaches, upset stomach, & muscle tension. Furthermore, psychological problems such as depression, anxiety and burnout. All these issues can be controlled for the sake of job sustainability. As well as working at one place for a longer period. The solution or best remedy is through handling stress and work pressures with the help of your own thought process.


The best way to handle work pressures and stress management is through proper planning and taking short breaks while working for longer hours. Sustainability at the workplace has different definitions in different work cultures. However, the best way to define sustainability is giving optimum performances with consistency for a longer period of time. According to a survey conducted in 2010 by American Psychological Association indicated that 71.5% of the employees reported that work was a significant source of stress for them. At the same time they also concluded that work has been a huge hindrance. Apart from this, interfered with their responsibilities at home. Hence, directly affecting the psychology and thinking of most people resulting in work-life balance issues. Also, staying at one job for a desirable time period. These issues also arise characteristics that included negative work relationships & interpersonal conflicts. Other issues includes, social isolation and lack of peer support.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the solutions and ways to manage stress and work pressures. A routine lifestyle is the best way to achieve business and corporate goals while managing your stress levels and time pressures at work place. You have to give a 30 minutes briefing to your client. However, unfortunately you are having stress handling issues. All you need is a 50-60 minutes of your routine walk at night, which makes it the best time to relax and brainstorm your points for your clients. It’s the attitude and the best ways you present your thoughts that is more worthwhile for your client’s image.


The identification of the issue at your end will surely result in being the best of the ways to handle stress. How can you cure an issue, unless you know yourself what’s the source of the problem or the problem generator? Just like a doctor knows the source of the health issue before giving a prescription. Hence, it’s a necessity that you be your own doctor. Identification of the problem at the workplace, either with your team member, with a client, or an issue at the customer’s end. True identification will definitely ease you regards to managing the stress levels. Furthermore, it allows you to come closer to your targets for the day. At the end of the day, you just have to be true to yourself to help identify the problem that is causing hindrances at your workplace. It is similar to putting the wrong bricks while your building is in the initial phases of construction. The identification of the issue in the initial phases will definitely help in your job sustainability and your target orientation.

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According to another survey conducted in the year 2014 by the American Institute of Stress. The workplace stress costs multinationals in America approximately over $350 billion annually in lost productivity. Mainly, due to absenteeism, turnover and healthcare expenditures.


If you are unable to identify your problems, a professional advice or a career counselling would do wonders to your confidence. A psychologist can’t in any way prove to be a disaster for you in any circumstances. At the same time talking your way through with a professional from the same field or your own HR can resolve issues. Ironically, with more ease and larger comfort. Your problems of stress management just needs a quick remedy as they can hurt the level of job sustenance. Something, that you have been looking to climb the mountain. Just remember hindrances will always come on your road to a sustainable career. However, they are not bound to hurt you if you know how to handle them.


Working together in teams can cause increase in stress levels due to conflict of opinions and other related issues. However, best way towards stress management is through handling peer pressure, while working for the goals of the firm. Peer pressures can even result in politics within the company. As well as being a cause of damaging a colleague performance. Apart from a professional advice, self-handling of peer pressures can result in reducing stress levels. To increase the comfort levels, the best way is to reduce the communication gap. This is true while being more communicative and oral with the situation.

Talking your way through to find a solution can become a resolution in any company as it is the finest way to handle stress and peer pressure. It also avoids the unwanted element of negative thinking. An aspect that can hurt both the company agendas and a professional’s career goals. Handling the peers with compassion is always a huge way towards job sustainability.

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