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Employee engagement has been one of the necessities of a corporate environment. It also holds vital importance in terms of growth, prosperity and discipline. The key is being busy for positive results, success orientation & achieving goals with a positive attitude. Engaging employees is not only a challenge during the pandemic. This is primarily because of work from home and managing work with discipline. Hence, but it’s also necessity to achieve the future targets.

Why communication is so important while working from home and keeping employees motivated? The answer is simple, communication gaps can create issues especially while working remotely. Ironically, these issues can be a bit difficult to resolve apart from normal circumstances. This is also because of flexible working hours and changing employee attitudes and behaviours. Employee behaviours can change because of working in a relaxed environment. Hence, unable to cope up with the challenges like in normal circumstances.


The huge importance of motivation while working remotely can never be denied for prospective goals. Therefore, it is the role of the HR and higher management to keep engaging and motivating employees. This is for the employees positive attitudes and their effective working mannerism. Working from home can lead to many factors that includes boredom, lacking attitude, corporate environment & corporate professionalism. The necessity of working in a corporate environment holds key priorities. Particularly, for a professional behaviour and discipline while achieving the targets.


Corporate issues concerning employee engagement is a very common thing while working remotely. However, with the effective use of information technology and digital media this has been minimised to a certain extent. Employee engagement means keeping employee busy for their goals and finding a professional strategy to interact. It is however necessary to know the levels of interactions and the time frame needed for positive interactions. Employee interactions and engagements should be a priority as well as highly effective in terms of results.

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Employee engagement also helps employees stay connected. Teamwork, team development and positive interactions are all the key measures achieved during employee engagement. A team holds the power of connectivity and team unity that is necessary in achieving the desired objectives. On the other hand being transparent in dealing with issues and communicating on all grounds is a must. Transparency is more important while working remotely, than it is in a real corporate culture. Being transparent and achieving targets with a focused approach makes things easy going for future development programs.


Being proactive to achieve future targets is the attitude of the most professionals. It means you are ready in advance to take the challenges and you know well how to tackle them proactively. A proactive behaviour means a lot for the attitude of employees. Hence, as they know well how to get to their future targets. Effectively, while they are away from office and working remotely. Therefore, the proactive elements make them realise the importance of managing tasks. On top of this, dealing with issues remotely with the help of technology.


Working in a remote environment is mainly due to the employee safety measures that is a priority. COVID-19 has been a cause of many deaths and the issues are still ongoing. Employee’s motivation while making sure safety elements are achieved can be possible with the help of an effective digital environment. An effective digital environment means, working remotely with no human interactions. Furthermore, making sure if there is human interaction there must be social distancing. Hence, that is a necessity, and finally a highly strong internet connection for success with an effective digital platform.


Addressing mental wellness is something that can be achieved while working remotely. Employee engagement and motivation helps in maintaining mental wellness that can arise while working from home. It’s the utmost responsibility of management to make sure that mental illness stays away from employees. Especially, while they are busy and they lack a proper work culture. Therefore, designing set of activities and tasks and regular gossiping online, helps a lot in achieving breakthroughs in mental wellness. ‘All work & no play makes jack a dull boy’, a saying that easily highlights why it is important for people to engage with each other apart from their daily targets.

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