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There are many things that are a part of employee motivation more than money while working in a professional corporate environment. However, this largely depends on the attitude of employees & what are the ingredients that guarantees success? Apart from this, what motivates them to work in a professional environment? Is it the workplace norms and ethics? Or the normal routine procedures that attracts employees to rise every day and run to work. What exactly is the source of motivation while you go to your workplace? At the same time, it’s an absolute fact that the passion & employee motivation matters to an extent. This is passion for working somewhere as a volunteer or free (internee), is far lesser rather than working for money (finances). Most people invest in their education, i.e. academics in form of a degree for the sake of reaping the benefits of working in a corporate setting. However, for some people, the priorities attached to the financials are far lesser. Comparatively, than the priorities attached to working with the desired standards & for employee motivation aspects.

Having a pure sense of meaning and purpose at work is highly regarded. In fact, it is regarded as the number one relationship between an employee and their workplace. A sense of meaning is highly attached to a pure sense of accomplishment which is a huge source of cultivation. The second most effective element attached to employee satisfaction more than money is through a positive company culture. A work environment that is good for an employee in terms of their motivational aspects. The third most vital element is recognition for the hard work. This is something which always motivates employees more than money. Most importantly, having a clear path of career progression always gives the vital nourishment needed. These are career nourishment that are necessary for the progression. A boost in career developments sums it up more than the monetary values attached to the workplace. Lastly, the vital opportunities of learning and development is indeed a huge attraction for employees more than the money.


Meaning and purpose at work are always a positive element in terms of the employee motivation. Hence, especially for the most motivated ones. Cognitively, it ignites the creative elements of employees and turns them into being a more productive asset. This is as far as the output level is concerned. Meaning and purpose at work is attached to organisational behaviour elements & priorities. Furthermore, values that are highly trained in a proper organisation & closely related to employee development & employee motivation programs. In addition to that, how employee development values are created for the sake of purpose at work & a sense of meaning.


A positive company culture or work culture has huge values attached to a company. These values are recognised more thoughtfully in terms of the monetary values. A positive company culture always realises the rights of employees in multiple ways. That is, in all the concerned areas that are necessary for employee grooming. This is especially true regards to employee satisfaction aspects as well as employee motivational values. An organisational culture in most cases holds positive elements for the employees. This is irrespective of the profitability elements that are attached to the company.

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However, there are certain key factors that plays a huge part apart from the culture. Ironically, these factors includes employee well-being, compassion, and finally diversity, inclusion and equality. A work culture based on equality and equal opportunities is always a bonus. That is a huge element of success for the company’s goals & their achievements.

A culture of employee well-being and work-life balance is a huge advantage for a company. More importantly, that is promising enough for the employees. Especially, in terms of the development measures being taken for employees.


Employee recognition for the hard work in terms of good gestures from the company & increased employee ownership values. Furthermore, recognition in terms of awards is a massive compliment for the employees. It is in terms of recognition for the hard work and an encouragement for the services provided. Recognition for the hard work is part of the good people management skills and depends on how well you execute it. Everyone would love a kick out of being acknowledged for a job well done. On top of this, a kick is always good to ease the ups and downs in a company environment. This is apart from the motivational values attached towards recognising hard work.


A pathway of career progression is always a bonus for the employees. This is while working the pathway gets smoother in parallel. Most of the MNC’s, i.e. multinationals for e.g. Unilever and P&G always take care of these aspects for sustainable developments. That is, the career pathways designed for assessing employees productivity levels. This is not only part of their profitability concerns, but linked directly with the corporate social responsibility elements. For a company’s goodwill and their well-being it’s just not enough to enrol employees on training courses and webinars. What can be even more motivating for most professionals is that there is a career ladder that they can climb. That ladder is good enough to motivate the employees for higher values of success.


Learning & development opportunities at the workplace are always an influencing edge for a particular company. This is vitally true for an established company with massive opportunities stored. The reason being, it creates a healthy environment as well as an environment of trust between both the employees and the company. Secondly, not only gives the employees the portfolio that they have been looking for. But, higher prospects for future positions in other similar businesses or companies.

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