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If you’re the smartest person in the room, that means your potential for growth has been capped. Having people to learn from each other keeps the success progression going. If you’re seeking knowledge to overcome the hurdles. Also, you want to touch the great heights of your career to be successful. What’s the most significant step you’ll try to do? Surrounding yourself with the right people is a brilliant way to start.

There’s a certain point in our life. A point where it’s essential to think about our current position, your success, and status. Also by asking a few questions to yourself ‘who am I?’ and ‘where I stand today?’

There are countless examples supporting this advice. As an example, if you compare yourself to a train. Hence, you need to determine if you’re the engine which is the backbone of the train. Others around you shall determine your directions every day in your life.  Taking you just like a simple carriage. Similarly goes the success train and how you can drive it.


If you’d like to be the engine of the train, you need to surround yourself with the right people. As well as successful minds to run the show in an effective manner. For the successful attainment of this. One needs to be clear about his path to success along with the long-term goals. Otherwise, he’d be a disappointment not just to himself but to the people around him as well.

Another important aspect of the journey towards success is being thankful. Especially, for what you have and one needs to make his directions clear towards the path to success.

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An old tale of Sheikh Sadi is a perfect example of thankfulness. He was once wandering around the road. Frustrated and feeling the agony of having no shoes, we walking with his bare feet.  At the same time, he saw a man without legs. A similar moment he expressed his utmost thankfulness to Almighty God for having legs. In a nutshell, we should be thankful for what we have instead of complaining about things we don’t.

Another essential attribute for being successful is to be respectful and appreciate the people around us. No matter if someone is weak or strong. Appreciation and respect is the key to encouragement which makes a person move forward and master in a better way. Eventually, these people resultantly will be an important brick to your success. Achieving goals with the guidance and support of the right people makes your journey easier. Sometimes they might let us down. An important trait to polish your personality and becoming successful is forgiveness and moving forward. Surrounding yourself with the right people and being amongst them will help in the longer run.


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Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi
Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvihttps://blog.mbeforyou.com
The President & CEO of MBE Group. His thoughts and how to be positive esp. while fighting with COVID-19. A successful man & a great ability writer.

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