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The importance of having a proper direction & a road-map before delivering it to your colleagues & sub-ordinates is something very pivotal. As a boss or a leader it should be your utmost responsibility & priority to make sure that your subordinates knows what you want from them. Being precisely clear in your thoughts regarding a certain tasks. Hence, the way it should be handled is what the main priority is. Relationship with subordinates matters most along with the right directions.

You must be highly clear in your head as to what are your agendas & what you are looking in terms of your key objectives. It’s just like you have planned a journey to a certain place. However, but you are unable to communicate it to the guiding device. Or sometimes, you know where you are going, but the device is not telling you properly. More importantly, its not guiding you properly regards to the directions that you need.


Having the right directions & being guided correctly means you have completed half of your job. Now you can be the next big thing. Ironically, if you know on paper what needs doing next, i.e. the Next step. Hence, the importance of right directions in your head as a leader. It also means that you can successfully communicate them to your subordinates. More keenly, or the people who are the key role player.

As a role player, they must be clear in their head what their boss is looking forward from them. The directives should be well planned, with emphasising key words & particularly clear in goals & functions. As an example, if you as a boss is looking for a marketing strategy. Hence, for a launch of a business product. Therefore, your goal should be more focused on marketing strategy instead of any different strategy. Something that is irrelevant or can hold elements of irrelevancy must be avoided.


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‘Relevance’ is a word which means sticking to sometimes strictly towards what you are looking at in terms of a road-map. Your idea as a leader must hold elements of relevance which means you know what you are looking for & how you can communicate to your employees & sub-ordinates in getting to what you want with relevance. Your constant engagement with your employees & subordinates shows the importance level of the relevance as to the things you are looking for in a project. Hence, a project must be a complete projection of what you need from your employees being a true leader.

Play your role as a leader with full commitment and 100% vigour and energy. Hence, so that your subordinate doesn’t get diverted or lost in the middle. Without having doubts on their capacities & capabilities, be a good communicator.


An environment of success is what you must aim & wish to create being a leader in your company or having a big role. Friendly environment means you have created a passage of communication between you and your subordinates. You are also successful in creating a strong relationship, i.e. a bond of trust. This passage or tunnel further helps your subordinates to communicate with authority & clarity with their subordinates. All-in-all a friendly corporate environment always helps in getting the deliverable rightly.

Your attitude as a manager or a leader counts the most for your employees while you transmit your thoughts over to them. They are highly crystal clear in their head, that irrespective of any personal affairs or relationship, our boss is indeed resolute & confident in giving us his mission ahead. The mission or a strategy is for the sake of company, and hundreds of stakeholders attached to the company. At the end of the day its profitability & professionalism that we are looking at very closely.

A friendly environment also means an environment of respect is also created. The respect that holds a leader and a subordinate together in getting to their mission statements. While we gather together the importance of respect. Therefore, we mustn’t forget the importance levels attached to a responsible attitude that comes automatically after respect.


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Managing responsibilities is what as a leader you must be teaching your employees or subordinates. It’s the way you manage your responsibilities that will be seen as an example by your many employees & people working under your influential leadership. More importantly, it’s the leader’s attitude & their behaviours that counts forward. The flair is important for you. More importantly, how important it is for a subordinate to follow is what needs to be figured out. You must as a leader know the art of motivating your employees for the goals of your company. Employee ownership and sense of ownership matters most in this regards apart from the friendly behaviour that you have created.

Managing the responsibilities can sometimes be more critical than practically achieving them in form of goals. Finally, what’s truer is that it’s the attitude that makes a relationship of trust move forward.

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