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The purpose of this article I have written is to look at the overall potential in a person’s life. This potential is not looked at in months, years, or decades but in individual days and about a time failure but reflect on your mistakes & failures.

There is a single force that builds your future, a small yet profoundly powerful force that shapes your health, quality of your life, your maturity, and your overall happiness. How one uses this force in their daily lives affects the overall success and failure of a person’s life.

The question that arises is that what is this all-important force sculpting? Some of the daily questions we ask ourselves and find ourselves worrying about are:

  1. How can I earn more?
  2. How can I get out of this situation?
  3. Does he or she care for me?
  4. What is the solution?
  5. Where is my future?
  6. What should I have for lunch?
  7. What should I do today?
When you look closer into the topic you will realize that you are in control of most of the questions you are asking yourself
future will be like. People who often ask themselves negative questions such as, “Why can’t I ever get it right?” are letting themselves down and are bound to fail if they maintain such a negative attitude.
You must be very careful about the type of questions you ask yourself. If you want a premium quality life, you need to think of high-quality questions to ask yourself. One should find themselves asking questions that support themselves and help them create the best life for themselves and the people around them. Talk about how you’ve used the experience to become better at your job and to avoid similar mistakes. Pick a real-time failure but not anything too costly. Don’t share any story that makes you sound careless in general. The right kind of questions will help you stay on the right track, be more optimistic, and take the best daily actions required to achieve your goals and dreams. The kinds of questions that I Have found incredibly helpful in my life are:
1. What is my value?
2. What would I do if I know I could not fail?
3. What could go wrong?
4. How do I make ten times more money?
5. What could I do more?
6. Should I even be involved with this?
7. How can my competition defeat me?
8. What is the best use of my time right now?
9. When I die, what kind of life would I have lived?
10. How could I improve that performance?
In my article next month I will elaborate on the answers to these questions and how to find them. However, for now, these are the kinds of questions you should find yourself asking if you want to achieve more in life, manage expected time failure, and become an overall happier and more successful person than you are today.
These questions should be written down and tracked down on a daily basis in order to get the most out of them. These questions can also be used as a compass that points you in the right direction. If everyone can find themselves blocking out the negative questions in life and find themselves asking the right questions then nothing can hold them back.


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