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Holiday Shenanigans Featuring HR – Quite Literally!


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The holiday season is right around the corner, and HR is in full swing. So, it’s time to apply for leaves to prepare for Christmas and get firecrackers to kick the season. Therefore, get a sneak peek into what HR has its hands full during this time.

Last month of the year = leave applications

Employees are allotted nearly 20 leaves per year. However, they wait till the year-end to avail them altogether. Everyone deserves some me time at least once a year. Some employees avail half of their leaves the previous year, leave the other half, and avail them during the next year along with the current year’s leave balance. Although it’s a jackpot for an employee, HR has its hands full. Processing leave applications and getting those approved by the relevant Heads of the department is a hassle in itself. The HR has to plan the leave roster carefully. This process requires full attention.

Year-end trips or parties

While leaves are only one of the work of HR during the holiday season,  the new year is right around the corner. It means year-end trips are on the schedule. HR is responsible for reserving hotels if the plan is to organize a party; however if the goal is to organize a trip.

Employee Appreciation seminars

It’s the responsibility of HR to organize appreciation seminars. It’s the responsibility of HR to organize these events. HR, in this case, is a frontline to organizing these events.

HR’s resolve to promote employee well being

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Every holiday season, HR drafts out ways to promote a work-life balance. At the year’s end, HR works to create more recreational opportunities for employees. These opportunities include gym and club memberships. HR also plans out recreational opportunities for the new calendar year.

Employee performance evaluations

The year-end is about fun and shenanigans. The HR is also responsible for analyzing the performance of employees. Good employees are given performance-based bonuses and promotions. There’s also serious work to do.

The ending note

The HR job is more challenging, especially during the holiday season. The year-end is not a relaxation period like many might think. It’s a time to deal with targets, resolve employee disputes, and ensure that the year ends on a high note. So, HR is full of work despite common belief.

Happy Holidays!

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Erum Ali
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