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Anxiety and stress are a common syndrome in the modern world. Furthermore, there are certain habits that needs adapting to avoid anxiety levels. These habits should be incorporated in the day to day activities of people so that they are able to live in a stress free & a healthy environment. There are many causes of stress that includes work pressures & family pressures. Apart from this health issues like heart diseases. Further, other various pressures that are a cause of anxiety and stress. The stress & anxiety is also related to demographics, i.e. it differs from country to country. In Canada, there is anxiety that relates to eating habits which people can’t control. Therefore, become victims of heart diseases and regular chest pains. Work-life balance issues also relates to anxiety and stress. Work patterns can be affected or family life can get disturbed, either way.

According to the stats from The National Institute of Mental Health. A huge 31.1% of the US adults experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. Mental Health problems due to anxiety and stress are very common in Canada and USA. Some necessary habits are important to adapt to resolve these issues.


According to research regular exercises helps in reducing stress as they are the source of generating happy hormones. Taking it from a psychological perspective exercises reduce anxiety by the promotion of self-efficacy. This occurs as the exercise helps a great deal in the setting of goals and their achievements. Adapting an exercise can involve doing regular walking, jogging, and swimming. Furthermore, it also serves as a blueprint that can be transferred to other facets of the life. Not only reduces levels of anxiety and stress. Ironically, keeps you fit and always active in terms of adapting to routines. It surely gives you immense concentration and motivation for your career goals that are needed on a daily basis.

To adapt an exercise routine the best thing is to plan your exercise. Furthermore, dedicate a particular time slot as some exercise is better than no exercise at all. A walking, cycling or running routine develops a habit that helps in making it a daily act. Hence, instead of being a casual habit. The goal is to develop exercise as a daily habit that is practised on a daily basis. This is a far better deal rather than adapting it as a casual activity.


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Developing & adapting the habits and art of meditation is a key while developing regular habits for the reduction of anxiety and stress. Meditation is a means of finding peace while closing your eyes and concentrating hard for 15-20 minutes with a posture in Yoga. It relaxes your brains with calming waves and helps in reducing your anxiety levels while making you calmer. Develops a powerful sub-conscious in your mind while lowering the levels of stress that you have been undergoing.


Talking to a loved one always helps in your stress relief and brings you closer to people while you feel secure from the inside. Either having a chit chat on Facebook, or a habit of talking to your closed ones on the phone will always be a positive habit to adapt. This makes you realise that you have people with whom you can share your ideas and your thoughts. A habit that will help in controlling your anxiety levels and reducing work pressures as well.

Make it a habit and you will feel good while being with people along with bringing reductions in your stress levels.


Another habit that needs to be adopted for the reduction of anxiety levels is having good sleep habits. There holds a strong relationship between sleep and anxiety that can easily affect your daily life and routine tasks. The maintenance of a regular sleep cycle is part of the good sleep hygiene which most people can regularly maintain if they are working 9-5 daily. To develop good habits of sleep it gets necessary to avoid consumption of caffeine, alcohol or heavy meals at night before sleeping. It’s also good for the heart and obviously helps in encountering mental health issues. Insomnia, or sleep disorder can worsen the symptoms of anxiety disorder and prevents recovery of a mental condition.

Developing good sleep habits can also help in encountering sleeping issues & syndromes like hypersomnia, insomnia or sleep apnea. All of them are sleep related issues that can cause the increase in hypertension and anxiety levels.

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