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The Year 2019, just on the verge of finishing with many new breakthroughs, changes, and events. Like other years it is just another year that will pass through smoothly. The vision for 2020 holds great priorities in the eyes of many people.  However, the year is on the verge of its arrival bringing many new visions and agendas. Happy holidays just before the start of the upcoming year is an energetic start. It will definitely help in refreshing the mind from the previous year’s stresses. Christmas and New Year together bring people from all across the globe closer to each other. The main aim is to share the feelings, the bounties and blessings of the passing year.

A new year brings new motivations, new energies and vital elements that help in making goals for the upcoming year.


At the start of the upcoming year, People definitely should make new challenges. They must also make targets and devise plans on how the targets shall be achieved systematically. Places they will visit in the upcoming year, and what strategy will they adopt to comprehend those challenges. As part of the New Year’s resolution, everyone must move on, and make future success agendas. They must take calculated risks before making any decisions and make sustainable plans for the future. Also, should make health milestones as well that are mandatory for looking smart and healthy.

A set of targets is always important to be on paper with calculative measures to attain them. New Year’s resolutions i.e. Company agendas, personal agendas and highly structured planning for the future give a vision that is more for success. Just like your Happy Holidays curriculum, the new year’s resolution is a set of defined targets. These are objectives that need to be attained in the future as success goals.


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New Year holidays, a transformation time while moving from one year to another year in a determined way. Happy Thanksgiving for entering into the upcoming year, and paying tributes to the passing year. As we have taken fruits from the current year we should make ourselves work hard. Simultaneously have provisions from the upcoming year which is a necessity. Making the holidays relishing and ‘Happy Holidays’ deserves its due importance. It is primarily for the mental well being of daily workers and commuters.

It’s the sole responsibility of every individual to make realizations regards to the time factor, and why time is critical. Every year we must move on with a vision for prosperity, success, thanksgiving and doing something for Mother Earth.


Canada, a highly democratic country welcomes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again winning the elections on a consecutive time after 2015. His role in vision 2020 is to make Canada a global economy. He has a deep vision to change things for the betterment of the Canadians. A promotional strategy for the Canadian Tourism industry, an industry that is excelling on a daily basis. Canada, being the biggest country in North America has changed incredibly for the good of the people. Migrants are keen to enter Canada annually and benefit the economy for a smooth sale in 2020 as well.

Making ‘Happy Holidays’ with the best use is the aim of the Canadian Government. It is necessary not only to refresh the minds of the citizens. Hence, it is also important to make new visions and strategies. It’s just like entering into the new phase with a fresh and fully energized mindset.


Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, in form of Christmas i.e. a religious festival for Christians all around the globe.  On the occasion of Christmas special tributes are given to Jesus Christ in the form of sermons, gatherings & festivals. Christmas Dinner that includes Turkey, and remembering Jesus Christ, the Prophet and the Messenger of peace.

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It holds mega importance in the Canadian culture, as many Christians celebrate Christmas, with huge compassion & religious motivations. The Christmas countdown starts from mid of December, with people focusing on social & family gatherings. There should be a vision to help humanity, thanksgiving and asking for repent from the Almighty for last year’s sins. It is a festival that makes everyone realize the importance of helping each other very regularly.

Enjoying with families and friends in the form of united celebrations. People also make Christmas holiday plans and outdoor activities. Since it is a time of snowfall in Canada and most parts of North America. Most people can’t miss the fun to party with friends, co-workers, and family. Sharing gifts as a symbol of love and unity is part of the Christmas season. It holds huge importance for Christians internationally as there is a huge percentage of Christians in the world. Most people like being at home, having the maximum advantage of being with their families and dining.


The Christmas dinner is the most amazing thing in the season of Christmas. Not only holds significance for all Christians but also for non-Christians. The dinner includes turkey, Christmas pudding and a cake, making it a highly prestigious & religious feast. Part of the ‘Happy Holidays’ package, it is also a religious festival. As it unites the people from all around the globe.

The Santa Clause, a saint imaginary figure especially just for the kids is a symbol of love and affection. A fantasy that Santa Clause will bring gifts and provisions for kids and give them unforgettable happiness. Some special moments that they will always remember on the occasion of Christmas. Fantasies hold regarding stories about Santa Clause, but something that makes Christmas an event full of fun, love, and sharing.


The Christmas and New Year Holidays might be of 12 days of holidays in most countries. The aim is to make them truly ‘Happy Holidays’ with a resolution for the upcoming year. However, every day is full of fun and sharing love with each other. To make the best use it is important not only religiously but as custom as well. People normally have huge family gatherings and also make maximum use of the occasion. Relaxation, not the only moto, but what’s important is to refresh the memories of the current year and plan ahead.

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