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WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY– ‘Recognising Heroes Making A Difference’


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World Humanitarian Day is a global awareness day. A day that is established by the United Nations in 2009. The motive is for the sake of global awareness. Also, for being aware of the humanitarian responsibilities in various roles. Highly attached is the day’s significance with United Nations or the UN. Thus, the body responsible for this day. That is, for the sake of raising the fight against many humanitarian issues. These includes racism, discrimination, gender discrimination & beggary. Also, exploiting the cheap labour, child labour, sexual harassment & bomb blasts. In addition to this, killings, tortures & other racial issues. Apart from this, many issues that are categorised as global humanitarian concerns.

Looked more closely on World Humanitarian Day are the growing issues that are related to humanitarianism. Obviously, are usually one that are rising in the developing world. The developing & the under-developed world. Most importantly, is where these issues are a major concern. Hence, as compared with the developed world or the rich world. Countries that are being under poverty alleviation. Furthermore, they are lacking in the literacy levels. Thus, are ones where the awareness of the day. At a far closer insight. Realised precisely, as it needs to be.


Humans are born human beings with the face of a human, the body of a human. Furthermore, all the other attributes of being a human. Obviously, something which is a natural phenomenon. However, what’s difficult is to live like humans. Also, survive everyday like humans & interact like ones. Apart from this, interact with each other with safety & intelligence. Thus, it’s natural to be a human. But, it’s difficult being one.

Humans should be safe from each other. In addition to this, giving safety to each other is regarded as the prime & most important thing. To make a person feel safe is always very integral & something that makes you confident amongst other human beings.

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Observed globally on 19th August, is the World Humanitarian Day. Thus, honours humanitarian aid workers all over the world. In 2009, by United Nations as the day was established. Obviously, as this day commemorates the anniversary of the bombings of the United Nations headquarters in Iraq. The country where 22 people lost their lives. Thus, including the UN’s high commissioner for the human rights.

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It’s the Humanitarian aid workers that provides life-saving assistance to the people suffering all over the world. These are the workers who live in conflict zones. Yet another alternate location for these workers. Thus, are the devastated areas. Precisely, due to natural disasters and calamities. Anyone can be a humanitarian, as he must have the soft-hardheartedness for those found needy. Also, for those who are less fortunate. Furthermore, living a life full of miseries.

World Humanitarian Day just like many similar days. Hence, is yet another day that should make you realise your responsibility. Naturally, as being a human being.


There are many entrepreneurs who realise their responsibilities of being humanitarians and as philanthropists. One of the biggest names who are entrepreneurs. Thus, realising their CSR or corporate social responsibility. Obviously, is the owner of Microsoft, & its none other than Bill Gates. The man who became the richest man in the world. Established, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the sake of helping the people who need them most.

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The role of entrepreneurs is most importantly to earn money. Apart from this, earn business while working for a cause.

AN OBSERVANCE TAKING PLACE ON 19th AUGUST 2023’- ‘World Humanitarian Day‘: 

Relief workers’ dedication & commitment to serve the humanity is observed on World Humanitarian Day on August 19th. The idea is to make people aware of the humanitarian needs. In addition to this, the many social issues. Further, the humanitarian issues that are rising with every passing day.

Initiated by UN in 2009, as the global awareness campaign day. Hence, after a bomb blast in Iraq is something unique. Apart from being unique, it has a significance of its own.

Reminds of so many human sufferings. Apart from so many events. Hence, as well as the bombings of the twin cities Hiroshima & Nagasaki that were totally devastated & destroyed. That is, after the impacts of the most dangerous atomic bomb blasts in 1945.

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The day is marked in form of charity events & global campaigns. Apart from this, the debates on rising humanitarian issues. Furthermore, the concerns that have damaged the societies in past. Needs to be reduced substantially, is the rising crime rate. On top of that, the rising poverty that is a concern of the third world. That is, the developing world & the under-developed nations.


While being part of the CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility agendas. It’s the role of the multinationals. Precisely, to devise & revise strategies. In the light of CSR. Key strategies as they are known as. It’s the organisation’s CSR or corporate set of responsibilities to look-out for measures. These are the measures, that are for the sake of humanitarian & humanitarian relief. For example, a fast food chain announces a 7% of their weekly turnover. Especially, to those affected by an earthquake. That is, in a developing country lacking the infrastructure & finance to fight a devastating earthquake. This should be a massive step. That is, on part of the multinational. Precisely, to raise funds not only to help. But, also to motivate many other companies. Most importantly, at the maximum level.

This is via the realisation of the responsibility when you have funds. Hence, as well as all the machinery to fight such a magnitude of devastation. Every individual can do something or the other. Esp. on their part. Obviously, if they have the key ingredient of realisation in them.




Observed was the World Humanitarian Day, i.e. in the year 2021. That is, with a theme for the human race. It was in 2021 that the focus was completely on the Human Race. Apart from this, also critical talks about climate change. Something, which is termed as everyone’s business in these modern times.

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