mothers day celebrations in canada
mothers day celebrations in canada

Mother’s Day is celebrated all across the world with huge passion, compassion, & emotions for all mothers from various different nationalities, backgrounds and origins. 9th May is the date of celebration of the benevolent day in Canada. Taking place on the same day in form of informal celebrations in most countries of the world. Hence, some countries celebrate it on differing dates from Canada with reasons unknown. However, the significance and prestige of the day is the same everywhere. Hence, as it is a huge symbol for mothers from many different nations.


Celebrations in United Kingdom takes place on the 14th of March every year. On the 14th of Feb, the celebrations of mother’s day are held in Norway. Significantly, while in Sweden the date of celebration for Mother’s day is 30th May. Same is the case with celebrations in France, i.e. 30th May & in Spain it is celebrated on 2nd May. 21st march annually is the celebration day in UAE, & 10th May in Mexico. The impact is universal and the day is not a public holiday in almost all the countries.

Mother’s day is a dedicated day for mothers of various backgrounds and nationalities. However, the key factor is the emotions people hold, and show for their lovely mothers. For some people it can be a formality to follow the day. However, for most it is a day where they can share a card and gifts filled with emotions of love & sentiments. Apart from these, thankfulness for their lovely mothers. People generally want to show to their mothers that they have played a very significant role in their lives. Ironically, as a guide and their motherhood is everything for them in their life. Having said that, no one can deny the role a mother plays in the upbringing of their children.

MOTHER’S DAY- ‘A Brief History & Origin’:

The origination of Mother’s day dates back to 1908. That also, from a North American country that are very close neighbours of Canada, i.e. United States of America. Later on it was celebrated every year. This is vitally after the first recorded celebrations on Mother’s day. Anna Marie Jarvis, was the lady who founded the day after lots of efforts. Hence, in honour of her deceased mother, as she wanted to gave her the prestige she deserved. It was her campaign for a day. Something that signifies mothers of all countries should have a dedicated special day of their own.

In 1908, Miss Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her prestigious mother at the St. Andrews Methodist Church. A church placed in Grafton, West Virginia, USA. Importantly, as she wanted to honour her mother and all the mothers of different nations. Hence, by making them sacred for their children. Due to her iconic efforts, the day is celebrated every year. Ironically, as a symbolic day since it initiated in 1908.

It is not a public holiday in Canada, neither in the United States. As a public holiday in the United States for the first time as it took place in 1910. Declared as a public holiday by US President Woodrow Wilson later in year 1915 as well. Was finally declared as a public holiday is the Mother’s day in the year 1915. Simultaneously, this is in whole of Canada at the same time. The status which was once active in Canada, was later on finished due to unknown reasons.


Dedicated to the mother-children relationship, as the name says. In the form of spending some quality & emotional time with your mother & sharing old memories. Furthermore, sending them greetings and gifts if they are far away. Showing them the love and importance they need. Hence, as well as the care factor which is always there in the relationship. Mother-Children relationship holds true values of trust and emotions for each other. A relationship made in the heavens. Benevolence is the only gesture of love that fills the spirit of this day. Since, the day originated from a Christian following country. Another holy remembrance on the day is the relationship of mother Mary to miracle son & Prophet of Christianity Jesus Christ.  Ironically, the day holds true values of divinity and the love for the ultimate bond created by God.

Canadians usually treat their mothers to a special lunch or dinner outside, showing them the importance that is most needed. Some may also treat their mothers to movies in Cinemas. Hence, enjoying a shopping experience with them, or a short trip with them. The ultimate objective is to have some memories that will stay relishing and shining forever. 

MOTHERS DAY TRADITIONS- ‘Sharing Gifts & Cards’:

As part of the traditions, sharing gifts is obviously the most common thing that happens usually on the mother’s day. These gifts can be in form of flowers & boxes of chocolates. Given by Canadians to their mothers as being the most common gifts. Some as part of more importance share cards and handmade gifts as an appreciation gesture for their lovely mothers. Other precious gifts also includes new dresses, bags, shoes, and even jewelries for their mother’s love.

In addition to all these activities, Canadian children often dedicate poems on cards. Affectionately as gestures of love for their lovely mothers. They also share simple writings filled with innocence showing the amount of gratitude they have for their mothers.

‘Made in the Heavens’, as it is truly a pure relationship. Symbolically, as Mother-Children relationship is a unique bond of trust and compassion.