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Marching Towards Progress: Reflecting On Pakistans Achievements And Challenges


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23rd March 1940 holds great importance for Pakistan; it is the day Pakistan’s founders decided on the name for an ideology. That name was Pakistan. Although It’s been 83 years since the Pakistan resolution, it still serves as a crucial moment in Pakistan’s history.

Since the Pakistan resolution and after, it has been a journey of celebrations, struggles, and challenges that continues even today. In this blog, we discuss Pakistan’s achievements and future challenges.

Pakistan’s Achievements From Independence To This Day

  1. Economic Growth

    Despite the country’s challenges, Pakistan has made significant economic progress. Moreover, according to the World Bank, Pakistan’s economy grew at an average rate of 4.7% from 2001 to 2020. The industries contributing to this economic growth include services, manufacturing, and agriculture.

    The agriculture sector plays a major part in Pakistan’s economy, contributing 24% to Pakistan’s GDP. The reasons for growth in the agriculture sector are the government’s benefits for farmers, such as the Kissan Package, investment in agriculture facilities like irrigation, and training about good modern farming techniques.

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    Similarly, the government has built separate economic zones for developing IT and software and promoting tourism. Consequently, we see improvement in the service industry. Furthermore, by providing incentives like subsidies, tax cuts, and promoting exports, the government has also boosted the manufacturing sector’s performance.

  2. Development Of Infrastructure

    Pakistan has made great improvements in infrastructure with the development of roads and motorways for transportation. For instance, The CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) has bought large investments in Pakistan’s infrastructure. Similarly, as part of CPEC, the Gwadar port has seen a lot of development.

    Aside from CPEC, another step for infrastructure development includes starting the National Highway project, which aims to improve roads. Also, another initiative is the Pakistan Railway Strategic plan 2020-2025, which focuses on improving the country’s railway system.

    In conclusion, Pakistan has greatly improved its infrastructure, which opens more opportunities for economic development, investment, and employment.

  3. Sports

    Pakistan has many achievements in sports, like winning the 1992 world cup, the 2009 T-20 champions trophy, and the 2017 ICC champions trophy. The country has also won many medals in international events. Other than this, many organizations have taken steps to develop sports facilities in the country.

  4. Education

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    During the 21st century, Pakistan has made significant improvements in Education. Firstly, the government has taken steps to promote female education, evident by the increase in the gender parity index from 0.87 to 0.96. Secondly, the school curriculum is continually improving, focusing more on changing trends and social issues. Lastly, the government is increasing its education budget to build more schools and hire experienced teachers. To Summarize, these steps show great progress in the education sector.

The Challenges For Pakistan – Present And Future

  1. On The Economic Front – Debts, inflation, and unemployment

    Despite Pakistan’s economic growth, it still has many challenges. The country is in huge debt, which means continuous inflation and implementing policies that help pay off the debt, such as increasing taxes and petrol prices. Consequently, businesses fire people, which leads to unemployment. Another issue Pakistan faces is more imports and fewer exports, which leads to an increase in the Dollar price and inflation.

  2. Human Development – Equal education and less poverty

    Although Pakistan has achieved a lot in human development, the ocean is large, and more needs to be accomplished. Firstly, the country has a gender gap because of the lack of girls’ education compared to boys. Secondly, there are lots of slum areas without proper access to water and other basic needs. Lastly, there is a lack of literacy, despite taking measures to improve literacy. Hence, Pakistan has a huge task to improve literacy and infrastructure.

  3. Health Challenges – Addressing the needs of the growing population

    Pakistan’s health system is weak because there are insufficient beds and hospital staff to help the growing population. Moreover, the country has various infectious diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria, and Hepatitis. Furthermore, heart attacks and diabetes are also common.

    According to World Bank statistics, Pakistan ranks 5th on the list of countries with tuberculosis, with 500,000 new cases yearly. Shockingly, the country only has 1.3 nurses and midwives per 1000 people. The country also has 19 million diabetes patients. To sum it up, these stats show Pakistan’s challenges in addressing health issues.

  4. Environmental Challenges – Promoting Sustainable Growth

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    Preserving the environment is a challenge for Pakistan. The environment is home to animals and plants, which keeps the ecosystem functioning and promotes a healthy environment. Pakistan is seeing a fall in environmental quality, leading to global warming and pollution, which is bad for health and causes asthma, skin problems, and heart diseases. Hence, controlling the environment is good for a healthy population. The statistics show that Pakistan loses 27000 hectares of forest each year due to deforestation, which contributes to pollution and global warming. In conclusion, protecting the environment is necessary for Pakistan.


Pakistan is a land of opportunity with great potential. The country has many resources and only needs the right leadership who knows their proper use. Despite the challenges, the country is beautiful and great for tourism and heritage. Pakistan should improve its health system to accommodate more people. The country also needs to improve its environment to prevent diseases. Subsequently, it should also work for its economic growth and reduce its dependence on loans, which will help it raise people’s living standards.

On this Pakistan resolution day, let’s pledge to a better country with a sustainable environment and equal opportunities, which raises living standards and promotes healthy living.


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