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Through Winter “Thrill of the cold” keeps the spirits really high.


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The connection to nature is just as crucial in winter months as it is during other seasons. To inspire Canadians to go outside in the winter, the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) has created an impressive list of 50 activities to enjoy outside.

Sure, the cold weather and snow are an obstacle to getting outside in winter months. However, that doesn’t mean that you must sit in the warmth for the duration of the season.

In reality, Canadians are encouraged to be outdoors more often. Obviously, so they can take in all that nature can offer during winter months. This is the reason why it is why the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF)’s Below Zero campaign is relevant. It provides a variety of opportunities for individuals to be active in the in the outdoors and connect with the natural world.

David DeRocco, senior manager of events and marketing for CWF said to The Weather Network in 2022. Obviously, that Below Zero had its origins as an outdoor and environmental-focused initiative for education. CWF provided it to teachers seeking ways to get kids involved. Precisely, in the conservation issues in winter.

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“We’ve been able to expand the program to include January and February. Since every Canadians who live in the Great White North have to endure winter. It’s an excellent chance to get people to experience the thrill of chill”” DeRocco said. DeRocco.

This year’s theme is ‘Adaptable Animals’

The theme for the initiative this year will be “Adaptable animals,” DeRocco said. Both wildlife and humans have to adapt to their own ways to be able to survive winter. One of the most important aspects that humans can survive is related to our mental health , and how crucial it is to be outdoors in winter.

“Adapting the winter season and taking advantage of the positive benefits of connection with nature helps boost our mental wellbeing during the dreary days of winter. It’s crucial for people to enjoy the thrill of winter by going outside, taking in the winter sun, and interacting with nature,” DeRocco. 

In the midst of the pandemic, CWF discovered the majority of people interacting in nature, avoiding staying in the indoors because of businesses being locked down, DeRocco explained.

“There’s lots of room in Canada to explore this especially in the months of January and February. This is the goal on Below Zero. It’s frigid outside…but it’s still possible to wrap in and take a walk, and enjoy the benefits of connecting to nature.” said DeRocco.


  1. You can go outside and explore. “Parks are open, trees are bare, there is more opportunity to see birds [and other wildlife] that stick around.”
  2. Get outside and play.
  3. Get creative, and pour water on the snow and create ice sculptures.
  4. Becoming involved in citizen science.
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“You can turn your winter excursion into a citizen science project that lets you download pictures of wildlife you encounter and then upload them to an active database that scientists across the globe use to monitor the diversity of wildlife,” said DeRocco.

And even if there’s a lot of snow in the ground do not let that stop you from taking a walk in the woods. You’ll still be able to enjoy the view and maybe even spot the wildlife you want to capture photographs of, he added.

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