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The recent heat wave in British Columbia has been one of the most lethal ones in terms of the hazards & deaths in the province. According to sources, the death toll across the whole province due to the heat wave has reached figures of 719. This is ranging from 25th June to 1st July in the year 2021. These figures are highly not like stats from Canada. Moreover, as Canada is a cold country with temperatures changing mildly in few provinces. This is largely due to the Global warming effects & Climate Change. According to pundits and experts, these are record figures in terms of the fatalities that have mostly happened in Vancouver. It is the largest city of British Columbia and holds most attractions for the people coming for tourism in British Columbia. According to Miss Lisa, the Chief Coroner the extreme heat that has been a cause of tinder dry conditions. Hence, as well as raised the fire danger rating across the whole province is tribute to be the only contributing factor to the number of fatalities. Figures that almost crossed 700 raised many eyebrows not for the first time. Especially & importantly regards to the contingency plans for environment related activities. However, for the first time they have raised huge alarms all across the Canadian province. Primarily, for heat control measures and taking good care of such an environmental hazard in the upcoming future.


According to Miss Lisa, some parts of the vast province are still experiencing the high temperatures. Furthermore, she laid emphasis that we all Canadians take special care to avoid the dangerous effects of the severe heat. The Govt. of Canada on the other hand has already started to take steps regards to contingency measures for future. They are sure that something like this can happen in next years to come. However, they want to make sure that it is dealt with in the best possible ways. According to the Public Safety Minister of B.C. something like this has never been witnessed in British Columbia in yester years. Especially, regards to the amount of magnitude of losses and how the losses can be encountered. The record breaking temperatures were recorded in British Columbia, Lytton a village near Vancouver. It broke Canada’s all-time record of 46.9 Degrees Celsius and is a matter of great concern for the governing authorities. It has made Canadians in the Govt. ponder more deeply on the effects of climate change. Especially, after the devastation of the latest wild fire in the month of June. It was something like a burning train and people got injuries and fatalities that will be remembered in Canada’s environmental history for a pretty long time.


What needs doing to combat the ill effects of climate change and Global warming is a question very common? At least for the sake of positive realisations the Canadians are more aware of the current environmental hazard. On top of this, for the future the climate experts from British Columbia have warned in advance. Particularly, that more extreme conditions, the kind witnessed lately is expected to happen in upcoming days. Especially, in the province British Columbia because of the climate change effects.

There are many scientists who are of the opinion that they still have time for the mitigation of the deadly impacts of climate change. However, there needs to be sufficiency in political and public efforts regards to this.

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