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The Pandemic workday although seems to be a relaxed one while working remotely is a bit longer than a normal workday. This is largely something which has to do with more meetings being made while working 9-5 at home making it 48 mins extra. The time taken while commuting is being saved to a huge extent which makes it less stressful. However, the total time given at home is largely increased due to the work from home significance and ease.

This has been an observation, that many people can give more and more time at work from home as compared at the work place. This is due to larger concentration levels on workday and increased focus at home. Although, it largely depends on the environment that you are using at home that can make a significant difference.

For those working remotely or at home, there has been a huge difference made by the pandemic. This is ironically due to the considerable amount of meeting time as well. While we have just reached the 5th month of working from home, 48 mins extra seems like a habit. When we consider the huge rise in the unemployment rate, naturally, you can’t miss the importance of working from home. Neither can somebody take things for granted which means always focused at work. At least you don’t have complains regards to no work, because at the end of the day you have work from home option.

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A specific study from National Bureau of Economic Research, the average work day is 48.5 minutes longer than normal i.e. approx 48 mins. This rise has also increased the meetings on Zoom and skype to a huge 12.9 % which is on the higher side. This is variable depending on your field and your role at work.


It is higher in length of time, and According to Dr. Nzinga Harrison, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, it can be an issue for health as well. She has said that there has been issues with her clients on the workday that are related with “empathy fatigue” & compassion burnout. In addition to this, difficulty working in collaboration and lesser amount of motivation to tackle projects. She has also reported that there have been issues of drinking with the clients. Hence, these are more or less related to managing stress of COVID-19 environment.

The environment is more linked to digital media and being alone in quiet rooms with the work station. Such a scenario is indeed stressful for those who are prone to work 9-5 in the office. According to Brian Wind, a clinical psychologist at Journey Pure says that people have been struggling to stay focused as well at home on workday. This is mainly due to the amount of distractions that they have been witnessing since last 4-5 months.


Zoom meetings while working from home requires deeper amounts of concentration levels on workday. Between the colleagues and the management, the distancing created is a huge factor of change in concentrations. Things being part of major conflicts can’t arise if concentration levels are deep. However, the main aim is to avoid any kind of conflict that can arise due to work pressures and strain. However, on the other hand a behavioural psychologist believe that most colleagues have used Zoom to avoid stress of COVID-19 environment. This can relax the mind and increase concentration levels depending again on the role of the person.

Workers and businesses are still in the journey of adjustments while they are operating in the pandemic. This is particularly true because of the amount of uncertainties associated during the Pandemic COVID-19. According to the Vice President of Human Resources at SSPR a national public relations agency. They argue that, with so much uncertainty it’s not business as usual at any company, says Loni Freeman. However, he is affirmative that things will change in the direction of flexible adjustments to make work from home an interesting option. Especially true in case similar circumstances can arise due to a pandemic.

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