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The importance of work from home has been highly signified lately especially in circumstances of COVID-19. The importance of personality traits & making analysis of extroverts vs introverts while working from home is a matter of great concern and creates a huge difference. This depends on the type of personality, whether it’s an introvert or an extrovert personality. For an introvert characteristics person, it’s something that depends on nature. This holds similarly to the characteristics of extroverts which is different in contrast. This nature relates to the nature of employees working. As they can cope with working alone at home due to personality type or an introvert trait.

On the other hand, an extrovert can have some trouble while doing work from home. Ironically, due to the nature of personality that is more outgoing and friendly. The idea of working from home is an appealing one. It holds its benefits that include lack of supervision and nature i.e. freedom of work.

A study at the University of Toronto shows that it makes sense to think about introversion as being one of the personality traits. This is a trait that can easily help in adapting to working from home. The idea is simple, Introverts generally don’t have any issues working from home in most circumstances as they prefer silent environment. The study has also shown signs that introverts are not people who want to be the ‘Center of Attraction.’ On the other hand, extroverts are people who can have problems working alone as they like mingling at work and being the ‘Centre of Attraction’.

introverts vs extroverts personality traits
introverts vs extroverts personality traits


According to the University of Toronto study, on Introverts personality type, they only prefer a small circle of friends. They are generally found to be shy people who like sticking to their work patterns. Furthermore, they are people who prefer independent activities and likely won’t struggle to be away from their colleagues.

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Extroverts, on the other hand, tend to be highly expressive and outgoing. They enjoy their center of attention and their preferences are making broader connections while at work. While working from home, this is a milestone that can be difficult to achieve. On the contrary, extroverts are totally different in their personality trait. They get their energy levels from the outside world. However, it’s important to look for in assessing employee’s skills, that how they can be best suited to work from home. The characteristics of openness can have a huge impact on how a person will behave while they are working from home. This is critical especially if they are doing so for the very first time.

The factor that is highly determinant in assessing the type of personality traits is the emotional stability factor. ‘Emotional stability’ holds paramount importance due to the personality of the person and how it’s affecting the work from the home syndrome.

Remotely working
Remotely working


Working remotely during a global pandemic can be challenging and interesting at the same time. It’s a matter of fact that the pandemic is a situation that is highly regarded as a health issue that needs social distancing and quarantine. Hence, for people working from home, a balance in personality trait i.e. introvert and extrovert shall help people with both types of personalities. Whether it’s the ‘need of the hour’ or a Govt. order, people need flexibility at higher levels for better impacts. Hence, in times of extreme and prolonged stress such as working from home in isolation. There are huge chances that the psyche of a person is highly affected and may begin to flip.

This is another aspect that can be a cause of changing behaviors that are opposite to their original personality. Hence, this can also affect energy levels especially for people who are extroverts and enjoy their energies through mingling with people.


Introverts are people who often become too absorbed in their work patterns. This can easily lead to lacking a balance between work-life and personal life. Such a situation can arise even if an introvert person is working from an office environment instead of working from home.

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The best thing for introverts is to take usual breaks during the day, even if you have to extend your original working hours. The key is to start working with a relaxed mindset and a positive attitude. Stay in touch with your colleagues most often, especially the ones that are more extroverted. This will help you work positively with a balanced attitude.


Employers play a huge role in determining who needs to work from home and who is best suited to stay in the office environment. This is mainly according to the current pandemic situation that can change with the passage of time. However, a good analysis will definitely be of great help in similar circumstances in the future. Managers must think strategically while making a decision as to who should be working from home.

Managing stress situations in the office is also a highly critical and determining factor for employers. Employees with lesser emotional stability should be catered differently especially to manage stress at work. A better way is to involve employees with more proactive communication in the form of weekly phone calls. Also, making sure that employees are enjoying working at home and have adequate technological resources.

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