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Safety is a huge concern in the current time in the middle of Coronavirus pandemic. Primarily as it is the cause of many fatal deaths current count being approximately 95,000. It has not only caused chaos all over the world but has also given huge financial setbacks to many countries. Originated from China, from Wuhan city and spread all over the world. It happened in days while giving a huge impact especially in Europe and the United States. The best way to save yourself is with the help of safety measures and precautions.

According to stats and news from all over, anybody can be a victim of the deadly pandemic. Further, if an immunity to fight against the virus is less, it can be life-taking as well. The best drug is self-awareness with precautionary measures that are necessary. Hence, the requirement is for a healthy environment and restoring the circumstances as fast as we can.

According to WHO and The American Red Cross. Hence, following the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be highly helpful. For a rapid restoration process, the regulations are all scientifically formulated for practice. CDC or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has been active for a long time. It has a major history of fighting against many pandemics in past and in recent time.



According to the instructions from the CDC, it’s important for everyone going outside in public, or for taking grocery or essential daily items. They must strictly adhere to the safety measures and wear a cloth face cover that is vital from germs prevention or a mask would be the best solution. The Virus can be in the air and you can be the next victim, however, a mask or cloth cover can save you from the pandemic. Even if someone is having minor symptoms of COVID-19. The mask and face cloth will act as a shield to save against the virus. Be very particular in choosing a face mask, and its best to buy a fresh one, rather using someone else’s face mask. Please beware and don’t use the face mask meant for a health worker, as your protection is foremost.

distance for safety
distance for safety


Distancing is a precaution that should be taken for a considerable amount of time in these days. According to American Red Cross and WHO, it’s important that people maintain social distancing, keep a 6 feet distance while conversing, work from home and avoid all kinds of social gatherings and parties to create a safe environment in future. Adhering to the CDC regulations is highly important as part of every individual’s social responsibility.

The govt. of Canada and most countries have announced a lock-down for safety measurements amid coronavirus, which means prefer working from home for some time. Use social media, skype and other media tools on internet like WhatsApp as means of communications, meetings and managing office tasks. A responsible environment is a safe environment as it is a highly aware environment for the future of others. Team working is still manageable while sharing tasks, and making fruitful discussions. What’s important for the Govt. of Canada is to come out of the pandemic as soon as possible. As they have already demonstrated that it’s not about earning profits in current times.

wash hand
wash hand


Regular handwashing is a necessity, rather than a precaution to fight against coronavirus. According to doctors and WHO it is a priority for the people to maintain regular hand washing for at least 20 seconds, as approved scientifically.  The use of soaps and sanitizers is a key safety requirement and must be obliged to avoid drastic circumstances.

A literal society can fight against any pandemic with consistent awareness measurements and practical efforts. Same is the case for coronavirus as fighting is a must. Beware that you avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Germs can be also be prevented by the use of hand gloves if and where it’s necessary.



Make a regular habit of cleaning and disinfecting the household surfaces which includes those who are used very often. The high-touch surfaces i.e. frequently used ones are phones, remote controls, tabletops, laptops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, keyboards, tables, bedside tables and many more. ‘Disinfect’, is a term which means minimizing the effect of a possible infection that can be caused or may have been present. Regular disinfecting and cleaning is a huge necessity for a healthy living environment even in normal circumstances.



Make sure that symptoms of cough, sneezes and fever are consulted with a doctor as soon as possible. Covering your coughs with a hand or a tissue will help prevent germs of coronavirus to travel in the air to another person. If your coughs are regular and you can’t immediately go to doctor than isolation is the best way.

The warning signs for severe symptoms include trouble in breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, and bluish lips or face. These symptoms are enough for you to take mandatory action as soon as possible to avoid life hazard.

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