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The extension of the closure of the Canada-US border is yet another setback news in the wake of ‘COVID-19’ updates. The border is the longest border in the world is used every day for commuting by millions of people. This is due to the good friendly relationship enjoyed by Canada and the USA. Especially, in terms of bilateral trade, and playing a strong part in the North American region. North America is full of bounties for those who know how to reap the fruits of hard work. Commuters use the border on a daily basis for deliveries, going for vacations, trade purposes, and many other useful means.

The border closure dates are being extended till 21st June 2020. This is due to COVID-19 and it has come as a surprise in the wake of the pandemic. The most surprising is the amount of time that the extension is made until. Hence, for a busy and long border like the magnitude of Canada and the USA seems too much.

Effects to businesses
Effects to businesses


Apart from Coronavirus pandemic affecting the businesses. The extension for the closure of the border shall be hugely damaging the businesses. Furthermore, hurting the economy of both countries. This will also make people realize that both countries have devastations due to COVID-19 especially the USA. The country has already seen over 90,000 deaths. These are huge figures and highest in terms of the number of deaths in the world. The main concerns have been the health & safety of the employees involved in the tourism industry and the communities where they live.

According to the tourism industry CEO Gordon Orr. regards to the extension. The visitors from the United States are not wanted in these critical times especially. These are hard times due to the pandemic and the health & safety protocols don’t allow people especially unwantedly in Canada through US-Canada borders.  The tourism industry management still thinks that the end of June shall be the best time. President and Prime Minister shall be in a much better position to decide. Hence, they should hold good opinions for the opening up of the US-Canada borders back again.

agreement for closure
agreement for closure


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Both countries made an agreement for the closure of the border in the health & safety of people i.e. citizens of both countries. This started when the virus became a huge threat, especially in the United States. The Govt. of both countries came to an agreement in the first week of April until the end of May. Furthermore, then extending the dates further to June 21st, 2020. The Govt. specified that all non-essential travels from Canada to the USA and vice versa shall be restricted. Precisely means banned until the period from April to May and then it was further extended. The extension came in the midst of unfortunate deaths due to the pandemic especially in the USA where almost 90,000 people gave their lives.

Justin Trudeau said in a press briefing that we are very careful and particular in the opening of the border services for international travel. This is for both the United States and Canada’s people’s well-being and is a measure that shall be taken seriously as a health measurement. Both countries share the longest undefended border in the world. The closure is a huge example of mutual collaborations towards the recovery process. The extension is due to the pandemic that has taken too many lives in the USA alone.

The virus that started from Wuhan Province from an animal market in Hubei was the first started to show its impacts in the United States. The country imposed all sorts of travel restrictions and bans from China to the USA and further bans from other countries as well. After a series of events the next closure was the border of US-Canada until May, and then further.


A brief of the challenges due to the extension of the closure of the border includes deliveries especially online deliveries and business transactions coming to a halt. Some challenges faced by the SMEs who deal in import and export businesses across the borders. It is indeed a challenge for the retailers as well as the supply chain and logistics being affected. Canada and the USA, the twin North American countries have been using the borders for businesses, trade, and all kinds of activities that involve the mandatory usage of the borders.

The Govt. of both countries have positive vibes in terms of bringing the situation back to normal after the extension depending on how the pandemic moves forward. What’s important is to minimize the number of losses to businesses and individuals.

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