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All over the world the workplace culture varies significantly. Specifically, according to the country norms and values, cultural values and laws. As compared from one place to another, the differences might be bigger in magnitude. However, in few places the differences can be lesser. Importantly, it’s an absolute fact that with flexibility the cultural values can change. As well as according to the circumstances. Work culture should hold key values of professionalism everywhere, but, in Canada it is a major difference indeed.

Language is not a barrier as in most parts of Canada, English is the commonly spoken language. This is true except in Quebec where French language is common. However, the official language in all Provinces and Territories of Canada is English. Therefore, if you are travelling from a place where English is the official language. Alternatively, the language most commonly used in Universities, Colleges and educational institutions. Then, interestingly, you won’t feel isolated or left out due to the language barrier.

Know yourself the more flexible ways in which you can adapt to Canadian Workplace Culture.


Canadian workplace culture to a huge extent demands that you embrace diversity. More importantly, as Canada is a country which is home to people from many different origins and nationalities coming to Canada for settlement. You won’t be able to work with flexibility. Importantly, if you don’t like to mingle with people from diverse origins. Embracing diversity is the best way to achieve flexibility while at the workplace in Canadian workplace culture.


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If you want to be the ‘Next big thing’ in Canada, Be open to ask questions. Canadians are very open people and love to answer and solve problems. Especially, those who are alien to Canadian workplace culture. They love to make you feel at ease and make you relax while you enjoy the workplace more & more. Canadians also expect you to work independently. In addition to this, freely while you show your creativity and expertise.

If you have a project or a task in hand, they would love that you get it done the way you like it. However, they are always there to guide you and make you feel easy. Hence, while performing your task to the best of your abilities.


In the Canadian workplace culture time holds key values that binds you and your work together. Your punctuality is key in the eyes of Canadians. Importantly, as it makes you realise that you have a responsibility on your shoulders that you love to handle. Your job pays your bills, rent and other utilities. Furthermore, you must respect your workplace norms and ethics by giving tribute to ‘Time Management’.

The most important thing in the Canadian workplace environment is the act that is carried usually on time and with sheer importance of responsibilities. While coming to work a bit early and leaving a bit late holds the best utilisation of time. In addition to this, going and coming back from breaks and lunch on time is very vital. Shows how you give priorities to your work with the key factor, i.e. ‘Time Management’.


Respecting the rules in the Canadian workplace culture is the most respectful thing you tend to achieve. Rules sometimes may seem like ordinary and not making sense. However, still they need to be respected and acknowledged. Hence, as they are the legislation that governs a workplace. Organisational rules not only helps in establishing organisational relationships at the workplace. But, they also help you be an example for others in the organisational setup. In the Canadian workplace culture, rules vary from one province and territory to another. Moving from within Canada from one place to another province might change somethings for you. These are dependencies that are bounded by rules and regulations that vary from province to province.


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It’s important to know yourself much more intelligently. Effectively, as we often don’t recognise our own culture until being exposed to different things. You have to notice unusual things at the workplace, rather than taking wrong assumptions. Alternatively, rather than thinking that others are wrong. Do consider the possibility that the difference is due to culture.

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