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Apart from the business ideologies and defining the success vision for M-Rides, M-Foodz & M-Packages. There are certain other variables needed that are a necessity. One of them is the key significance associated with the cash flows and consistency in cash flows. All these factors influence the success vision of the new business. This is vitally true as we say that primarily, as investment is the key. Especially, in the initial stages of the business setup. Having a diversified marketing strategy is the priority influence generator in cash flows. Ironically, as it reduces the levels of associated risks.

Hence, with due importance with regards to the group of people involved. The significance for cash flows is always an icing on the cake. This is not only an affirmative scenario regards to the sustainability aspects. But, as well as for the nourishment of the future targets. Cash flows are deeply influential for customer service that is always an edge in the newly started businesses. Hence, it always gives room for experimentation, bearing losses and training & development programs. These training and development programs always acts like a fuel to company’s success vision & ideologies. Ironically, an ideology that always influences the desirable change that is needed most.

The success of cash flows for market research is a dependability. More importantly, according to the demographics. Depending on the locations where the businesses needs to grow and prosper. The importance of generating cash flows always counts. It also outlays a huge dependability for segregation of investments in ratio with cash flows. An economy & business driven formula for higher business investments that always is worthwhile for better results.


How important are cash flows for the success vision? That’s a very common question as an investor or an entrepreneur you might ask yourself with consistency. The answer is very simple, because cash flows determines the importance of generating profits. Secondly, it highly helps in reducing the risks levels. Cash flows also are influential in determining a productive risk analysis and finding ways to reduce risks. They help in risks reductions as divergence in investments is directly linked with the cash flows.

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Highly integral in making fruitful predictions and finally transforming them into results. This is vitally true for all the three businesses, i.e. M-Foodz, M-Rides and M-Packages. As the nature of the three are same, i.e. services industry. On top of this, there is a huge need of making true predictions regards to the future business behaviours for M-Foodz, M-Rides and M-Packages.

While we signify the importance of cash flows for a positive success vision. Obviously, we must not ignore the consistency graph. This is for more consistent and accurate decision making while keeping an eye on the vision. Therefore, as a visionary entrepreneur, there is a huge demand for consistent cash flows. Something, which will always influence the positive results for the company.


Cash flows highly influence the profitability levels in many ways. Furthermore, this a good sign for the company’s future with the subsidiary businesses. Cash flows always ensure that profitability margins are achieved on a consistent basis. Thus, making things easier for the investors and entrepreneurs. A twist in the tail is always good for profitable business results, and ensures the margin of safety. Even though if the company achieves break-even points. The results shall make things safer for the company’s future decision making. This is a scenario in most circumstances, while it’s not the most wanted ones. However, at least ensures safety levels for the firm.


Consistent cash flows always are a breakthrough achievement in aligning the vision for the company. Same is the case that asserts for MBE Inc. with regards to its subsidiary businesses. These businesses includes M-Rides (Commuting & ride-sharing), M-Foodz (Food Industry) & M-Packages (Courier Services). This consistency is always an influence generator for a clear vision with respect to the time frame. Hence, this is a time frame for let’s say a period of five years or ten years. In this span or time period the alignment of the vision is very clear for the businesses. Ensuring a crystal clear transparency in the minds of the company think-tanks and the management.

Finally, this is always in connection with consistent cash flows & managing these cash flows effectively. Especially, with regards to changes in circumstances and keeping in mind the risk levels associated.

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