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In the modern corporate workplace environment the number of HR Challenges are growing. Furthermore, holds key importance for training & development aspects. This is also due to the fact that the role of HR has grown significantly in corporate environment due to their challenges. There are a significant number of responsibilities that are associated with HR. These are regards to their role in an established company.

The responsibilities for HR includes Job design and analysis, work force planning, training & development, and performance management. Also, includes compensation and benefits and finally legal issues. Hiring & recruitment strategies are a key part of the HR responsibilities w.r.t their role in the company. This is while the HR encounters the growing number of HR Challenges in all business size. This is in parallel to making firing or layoff strategies as part of the maintenance of HR policies. Hence, regards to the staffing policies in place. Ensuring strict disciplinary measures in a company is part and parcel of the HR strategy. On top of this, their policy frameworks that needs to be flexible.


According to the experts HRM can be a huge challenge for small companies and small businesses. This is typically, as they don’t have a HR department that they can rely on. Therefore, they have to be confronted with a growing number of HR Challenges. These are bigger level challenges that have the capacity that they can be a bit difficult in tackling.

However, in MNC’s and bigger companies, Human Resource plays a key role. Significantly, as big companies have a dedicated HR department. The department is totally focused on the activities of the people, i.e. the employees. The factors that are considered are discipline, training & development and hiring procedures. Apart from this, having an eye on the performance management aspects of employees. Furthermore, keeping a wide-eye open on the performances and organisational behaviour. HR’s role is also very evident in larger companies. This is significantly, regards to the organisational behaviour activities and challenges.

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Here are some of the most common human resource or HR challenges along with the solutions that can be implemented in the business.


The strict compliance with rules and regulations is part of the HR’s most common challenges. It’s a significant part of their prime responsibilities. Ironically, that they operate in an environment of trust. Especially, with the company and apply the rules strictly on every individual. However, keeping up with the changing employment laws is a struggle for the business owners. There are many who chose to ignore the employment laws. Apart from this, they believe strictly that laws don’t apply to their business.

The solution for HR for such a scenario is to abide with the laws. Irrespective of the size of the business or the company. This is known as strict compliance with local, state and federal labour laws. There are strict regulations to everything which includes the hiring practices. Apart from the hiring practices are the wage payment and work place safety.


Work force training & development policies are a key part of the HR strategies. However, investing in the training & development of lower-level employees can be  another common HR problem. There are some businesses that have the trouble of finding suitable resources to do so. Some of the employees can be some of your hardest workers. Furthermore, they may not even have the time for a training course.

A solution for such a problem is that HR should guide the employees  with special regards to the online training courses. Obviously, so that people can go at their own pace. They can perform the courses, while they get to their home or even on weekends. The best thing forward is to invest in your workforce and you will definitely enjoy a loyal and a productive team. A team that will influence your HR strategy in the upcoming future.


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Recruiting the talented employees is itself a challenge for HR. Furthermore, they know well how to perform their duties with regards to the recruitment challenges. This is a fact that attracting talent can be challenging. Also, takes a huge investment of time as well as money. It can be difficult for the entrepreneurs to keep a balance between a running business. In addition to this, hiring the right people at the right time.

The solution for this problem is hiring the services of a staffing company. Hence, seen as the best way to find the right people for your business. As a company, you will be saving the time, money and the frustration as well. Hence, finally you can even find a future executive. Alternatively, a business partner in form of a talented employee.


Employee retention is yet another challenge that is very common for the HR as a vital part of their challenges. Retention policies are made in this light with the vision for retaining the talented employees. This is a primary reason why HR needs to be very alert & active. Hence, regards to highlighting and spotting the talent that can be productive for the company. The talent hunt or talent spotting is a key aspect that HR needs to overlook. Especially, in the light of the retention policies.

The solution for such a problem is through ‘On-boarding’. According to research, through a structured on-boarding process. A significant 61% of the employees are more likely to stay with the company for at least three years or more.


According to international workplace laws. The diversity at the workplace is a necessary element of finding the desired balance at the workplace. Therefore, workplace diversity is attained via hiring of staff. This is according to the equal opportunities policies. These are in the light of the recruitment policies as well.

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Merging both policies and finding a desired solution means the company is achieving their diversity targets effectively.

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