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Neuralink Is About To Start Human Trials On Brain Implants.


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Elon Musk showcased updates Wednesday evening, which included videos of monkeys writing sentences using their brains.

Elon Musk presented an eagerly-awaited update on the company’s brain chip. Secretly kept from public view, that is a brain chip Neuralink Wednesday. Expected to be fully functional that the company’s products are, where Musk made an announcement. That is, for the human trials within six months.

Tune in on Nov 30 @ 6pm Pacific for an exciting update from Neuralink!

Founded by Musk & his co-founders, was the company in the year 2016. The company, based in San Francisco, is the billionaire’s solution to the menace of artificial intelligence. The company is currently trying to create an interface. Something, that allows users to control a laptop or a computer device with their thoughts alone.

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At the time of this event, streamed live through the YouTube channel Neuralink. Musk unveiled videos of monkeys tested using implanted brain chips that write sentences. Such as “welcome to demonstrate and show and” as well as “can I have some snacks.”
Six monkeys conducted the tests, Musk stated. Explaining, that they didn’t know how to spell. Instead, they used the mouse using their minds to arrange the written words in the proper order.
Neuralink monkey

“The monkeys enjoy the demonstrations. They receive the banana smoothie. Furthermore, it’s an entertaining game,” he added. “We care a great deal about animal welfare.”
Might be used is the same technology. Precisely, to allow quadriplegics access to the keyboard and mouse; Musk said: “someone with no other means of interaction with the world outside would be able to control their smartphone. Thus, better than one who can use their hands.”
Musk has said that they have already submitted the majority of their documents to the FDA. Musk also said that the company will be six months away. That is, from testing their products. These are the ones on the humans within the U.S.

The implant currently is an implantable, “cosmetically invisible” device implanted within the skull. “Link”, is what the device is referred to as. It is about the size and shape of the size of a quarter. It is connected to micron-sized threads containing electrons. These are electrons, that are surgically implanted. That is, into key areas of the brain responsible for movement.

To implant the threads, Musk’s firm developed a robotic for the operation. Was presented during the event, was the live demo of robot’s surgical skills.
The link concerns the size of the skull. Its the size of the skull, which allows it to remain hidden “(It’s as if) we’re replacing a part from the skull with a wearable,” Musk said. “… I could get the Neural link device implanted in my body right now. Furthermore, you would not even be aware. Maybe one of these demonstrations, I’ll.”

Neuralink robot

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One of Neuralink’s primary goals is to restore sight. Especially, for those who are blind. Ones, which includes those born visually impaired, Musk said. Musk further added that Neuralink might eventually bring back functionality. That is, for the people with paralysis.

“We’re sure that we will fully restore body function for someone. Thus, with a damaged spinal cord,” the doctor said to the crowd’s applause.

Musk described the initial Neuralink gadget as iPhone 1. Adding, that the device will be able to upgrade. Apart from the upgrading, replacement of the existing implants. That is, using the later versions. Certain monkeys have been using implants for more than one year. Furthermore, have had updates made. Thus, proving the device’s long-term reliability, as Musk stated.


Musk said the principal goal behind the new version is to attract more members. Thus, to join the company. According to the website of company, Neuralink is hiring for various jobs. These are jobs that are ranging from microfabrication to animal care.

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Neauralink believes, can be utilized shortly is its technology. Thus, to “treat many different neurological conditions and to restore motor and sensory functioning. Apart from this, eventually enhance our interaction with one another. Also, interact with our surroundings,” Neuralink’s website says.

Neuralink’s earlier update, released in April 2021. Hence, caused a stir when it featured the monkey playing “Pong” using its mind. The monkey’s narrator explained that the monkey, dubbed “Pager,” had two links buried in his skull. Motor cortices is where they were placed. When Pager was thinking about moving his hand, the paddle also moved.


Neuralink presented its technologies to the general public. That is, for the very first time in year 2020. Thus, demonstrating how the link functions within an animal’s brain. While the pig walked around its enclosure. Recognized in the chip were the brain’s signals.

The company hasn’t been free of controversy. Criticized after a 700-page letter to the US was Neauralink. Department of Agriculture. The letter claimed that researchers had committed animal cruelty during their collaboration with UC Davis. Written in the name of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, The letter claimed that Neuralink’s research. Finally, led to “extreme suffering” for its test subject.

Absolutely committed to working with the animals, Neuralink responsed in the blog. Hence, most compassionately and ethically that is possible.”

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