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‘First impression is the last impression is a term that is used very frequently to make a good first impression during your first or most important job interview. Essentially speaking an impression counts as it is essential to make one a better career prospect. Yes, we are dealing with the word ‘Prospects’, i.e. a word used commonly for the sake of career goals and more importantly ‘Career Prospects’.

There are plenty of things that need to be ascertained and carefully looked at. Especially, while making preparations for a job interview. One of the most carefully planned events of one’s life ‘A job placement interview’, needs to be highly researched and brainstormed. The most important aspect that needs to be looked at and researched is regarded to the company profile. Although, you are going for your job interview. However, it’s essential for your career prospects and your dream job that you acquire decent knowledge regards to the company which you have applied. Knowing good knowledge regards to your company will act as a catalyst in your interview. Ironically, while it makes it clear in the eyes of the interviewer that you are one serious candidate. You have the knowledge and ability to work flexibly while taking good care of the job environment in which you are working.

Here are some of the most useful tips, which will help you in a good job interview.


For a good job interview, it is necessary that you feel relaxed and energized at the same time. Just a night before, you must make key points that are essential ingredients for a successful interview. Examples include brainstorming some good questions that can be termed FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. These are questions that should be well practised before the night of the interview. Give a smiling face to the interviewer and create a decent rapport that should be enough for a good 45-60 minutes of your interview. A smile is always good to ease the ups and downs in an interview. Furthermore, create a comfort level that should last till the end. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s just about having a good time. Especially, while you let the concerned know what you are good at. Secondly, how your skills and attitude can be good for the company’s overall success.

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Create good energy with your body language and positive vibes and feel free to talk. Specifically, only when you are asked to. Don’t feel it like an oral test or a strict conversation. Rather be confident and feel positive with good positive vibes. Your body language should always be positive irrespective of what happens or can happen.


Be positive in your approach and avoid being a pessimist, especially during the most important session, i.e. Job Interview. Never think that the interviewer is there to delete or omit you from the list of possible candidates for the job. However, your positivity can be convincing enough for the interviewer to think well about you. Your motive should be that your interviewer must feel the comfort of having you as an applicant in the company.

According to an interviewer from an MNC, his experience says that positivity works well as everyone is looking for people who are enthusiastic, and their enthusiasm makes others feel good as well.


Good research regards to the company you are applying to or going for an interview with is indeed a necessity of modern times. An essential aspect that is important along with useful considerations regards the company size and its ratings. Showing the interviewer how important it is for you to work in the company you have just arrived for the interview is indeed a must. It definitely shows the willingness of the person and how far he wants to be a part of the company.

Have an opinion on the company after having a review of the website or a recent blog or a related business magazine article. It shall be sufficient enough for you to have an opinion which must be good in most cases. Ironically, as you are there for the interview while you have a good image of the company in your eyes. Firstly, don’t forget to ask yourself a typical question “Why You would like to work for them in future?”

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