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There are a number of Top automobile brands that rule over the many car manufacturing industries in the world. These includes, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Lamborghini, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki. Many other who are regarded as vehicles for the elite class that includes Ferrari & Rolls Royce. BMW, Mercedes & Audi are German car manufacturing brands and are regarded as being one of the best cars in the world. Mostly, the market they capture is the European & American markets. However, they have ruled over the Asian markets since the last two decades. But, still the affordability in the Asian markets is restricted to the higher class & the elites.

Some of the best brands & where they belong from. Also, their affordability amongst the masses are discussed below;


Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile brand. In addition to this, it’s been around since 1886. Furthermore, doing wonders with technology & its tremendous output amongst all the other automobile companies. Regarded as one of the Top cars. It shows the excellence of German engineering. This automobile company has always paved a path. That is, with regards to satisfying its customers without compromising its performance. Furthermore, by bringing in various Eco-friendly cars.

mercedes benz
image source: https://www.mercedes-benz.ca/

The market for Mercedes car is European, Asian & American markets. However, recently it has moved in the Asian markets. Especially, South Asia regards to the levels of affordability. It’s a vehicle mostly for the higher class, however, regards to Europe, i.e. Germany & UK, the vehicle is also affordable in the middle-class & the working class. It has always been said & proven to buy this car brand that they have a history of making a successful history.


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BMW also known as Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is a Luxury Vehicles company brand from Germany. Another German brand that has ruled over the automobile Industry. Its BMW, as the German brand has its headquarters in Munich Germany. Exactly, where it was founded in the year 1916.

Image Source: https://www.bmw.ca/

The brand BMW has always set its marks as the most reliable car brand. That is, in the whole automobile Industry. BMW has always maintained its standards & known for its reliability & the luxury status. Has been a status symbol amongst the masses. Obviously, as BMW a class vehicle has always set high & rich standards. As far as the affordability levels are concerned it can only be affordable amongst the rich people only. Dominates & dictates the European markets as well as the American markets. However, recently has found some inlet in the Asian markets.


Rolls Royce is a British luxury automobile maker & has its headquarters in Westhampnett, United Kingdom. The brand was founded in 1904. Furthermore, when we talk about luxury with exquisite grace, Rolls Royce will surely come to our mind. Mostly, the car is recognised in Britain as a celebrity choice vehicle. Also, for those who love experiencing the taste of elite travelling. While the many brands have focused on technology. The brand Rolls Royce has still kept a focus highly dedicated towards being classy. It’s an absolute comfort to both the driver & the traveller. Doesn’t falls in the list of economy vehicles as it is a brand highly made for the elites.

cullinan roll royce
Cullinan Roll Royce
Image Source: https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/


Bentley Motors Limited is a British Automobile brand & is a British designer, manufacturer & marketer of luxury cars & SUVs. The headquarters is in Crewe, England. While, it was founded in Cricklewood, London, U.K. in 1919.


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The car Bentley as a car brand has its compelling features with high-end speed and muscular power. While providing a lush look to the outer & inner structure of all the vehicles this car brand has manufactured till date.


Being the world’s largest car manufacturer the brand Porshe has been in the car brand league since the year 1931. The German based automobile company. As, they have made vehicles which would give a set class experience of an SUV. That is, with also giving the touch experience of being a sports car.

porsche 718-cayman-t
718 Cayman-T
Image Source: https://www.porsche.com/canada/en/

It was founded in Stuggart, Germany in the year 1931. Furthermore, the headquarters is also located in Stuggart, Germany.


Land Rover, a car brand which is Britain’s very own icon. Thus, is indeed not a part of the jaguar Land Rover which is owned by Tata Motors of India. It is an SUV specialised model. The car most notably has tremendous passenger space. Hence, while providing a safe & sound journey. The car brand is mostly favoured for adventurous journeys.

land rover
Image source: https://buildyour.landrover.ca/lr/en_ca/l560_k24/4a8gw/ipr/inspire

The affordability levels are found mostly in rich class. As well as, working executives and business class. Markets are mostly European & American markets.


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Ford is an American multinational car manufacturing brand. It as was founded in 1903 while the headquarters is in Detroit, United States. The founder of the car was Henry Ford & the car is named in the name of Henry.

Image source: https://www.ford.ca/trucks/ranger/

It is an economical brand & the markets are mainly American & European. The car is found in rich quantities amongst the working class. Obviously, as it ranges from the affordable range to the higher range. Not so wanted amongst the elites. Ford has been a constant choice for the buyers with an unbeatable value. Furthermore, up-to date technologically advanced features.

As a matter of fact, over the century this American car brand Ford has introduced a bunch of eye-opening innovations. Surprisingly, each new model or the feature introduced by automobile company is distinct & different from the previous one.


Honda is a car brand that priorities longevity over anything. Apart from this, considered as affordable brands as Honda with a variety of variances in models including Civic & City. They are made for the Asian roads most importantly.

Honda Accord
Honda Accord
Image Source: https://www.honda.ca/en/accord

A Japanese car manufacturer company has captured huge markets in Asia. Also, parts of America & has a presence although not so popular in Europe, especially UK. The Japanese car manufacturer company which has paved its way through the global market. The car brand has always been found consistent. That is, when it comes to durability & always have ranked under Top 10. Also, always made it in the Top 10 regards to comfort & technologically friendly & gifted.

Honda is regarded as highly comfortable. However, the car was unable to get the nod amongst the elites. But, still is found in numbers amongst the higher-middle class. The middle-class has also enjoyed Honda in different variances. On top of this, due to its economical nature it is most wanted in Asia.



There are many other brands that includes the Italian brands Ferrari & Lamborghini. The Lamborghini, although being a sports vehicle. Obviously, is an Italian Police vehicle as well. However, both are amongst the top luxury brands & falls in list of one of the expensive vehicles. There are a number of other automobile brands from Asia, UK & France. That is, Peugeot which needs to be discussed. However, we shall be discussing them later.

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