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Pervez Musharraf, former Pakistani president, dies aged 79


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The former & the military leader of Pakistan was pronounced dead. Sadly, at a hospital in Dubai after a long illness.

Pakistani ex-President Pervez Musharraf has died at an American hospital in Dubai. Thus, following a long-term illness military sources confirmed this the news channel Al Jazeera on Sunday. He was one of the greatest of the Asian leaders who played a massive role in the war on Terror. At the time of death, Musharraf was 79 years old.


Musharraf was a general with four stars. An army man who ruled Pakistan for more than a decade. Thus, following his accession to power through an unbloody coup in 1999.

The former general suffered from amyloidosis, an uncommon disease that can cause organ failure. He was bedridden for years and on a wheelchair.

In a short statement issued by the media wing of the military Senior military officers offered the “heartfelt condolences“. That is, in the wake of the death of the former military leader.

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“May Allah bless the departed soul and provide strength to his bereaved family members.”

Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif offered condolences to the family of Musharraf via social media. Sharif said “Be at peace may the soul of the deceased.”

The President Arif Alvi “for an eternal rest for the soul that has passed away. Also, give strength to the grieving family members to bear the loss”. The office of his president released an announcement.

Reports from Islamabad in Pakistan. These reported that the relatives of the former general are meeting to discuss. Transported to Pakistan, obviously will be his body soon is a question mark.

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According to the local daily newspaper Geo News. Monday is when officially the body of President Pervez Musharraf. Pakistan, the home country of General. Body of great man shall be returned to.


Pervez Musharraf was a former special forces commando. A series of military coups that shook Pakistan. A key reason & the times which got him elected. That is, from its inception to the bloody partition of 1947 in India.

He was elected by ousting the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. That is, after the relationship between the two chiefs deteriorated.

In the month of October, Sharif ordered Musharraf’s dismissal as army chief. He returned home after a trip to Sri Lanka. Furthermore, denied his aircraft the right to land in Pakistan even as the fuel tank was empty. The army on the ground gained control. That is, when he arrived, Musharraf took charge.

He ruled the nuclear-armed nation by a series of conflicts with India. Hence, as well as the US-led “War against the terror”. Furthermore, an armed revolt that resulted in thousands of people dead. He was ousted in year 2008 & the impeachment proceedings were obviously he was dragged through.

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“There are those who claim that he performed excellent work for this Pakistani nation” He said. “He was the one who brought about a revolution in media in Pakistani electronic media. That is, the granting of several private channels to be on air. In addition to this, have controversial debates.”

However, the emergence for the mass media “also was his fall”, Hyder said. “That proved to be the spirit. Bottle was where he was released from ironically. However, he was unable to return.”

Mosharraf Zaidi who is the founder of the Islamabad-based think tank Tadablab Zaidi. The founder of the think-tank Tadablab in Islamabad. Al Jazeera the former military ruler’s legacy will be “terrible results” of his reign.


“This country is still suffering due to the terror that results from the way the “war on terror”. As it was handled within the nation precisely. Musharraf was a cult figure in his countrymen in the US,” he said.

“He was extremely closely associated with George W Bush … However, the weight of his choices have been shared by successive civilian officials. Thus, as well as those in the Pakistani military. A large number of Pakistani policemen and soldiers have perished … The citizens of Pakistan particularly carry the legacy of his decision-making, which was completely unreliable.”

The party he was a part of, Musharraf’s Political Party. Also, in 2010 failed to gain any significant seats in the two following general elections. He decided to stay in self-imposed exile within the United Arab Emirates. Post treason, i.e. after getting released from treason. That is, back in the year 2014.

In the year 2019, a judge ordered his execution in absentia. That is, over the imposition of an emergency rule. Later reversed was the decision, however.

Musharraf remains in the care of his widow Sehba and two sons.

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