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I have written many articles and the purpose of most of them is to guide those who want to achieve success. Also, for those who want to maintain it. The problem that most people who find success face is that most of them are ignorant. They forget how they achieved success in the first place. Most people feel that their success is a direct result of them. For others, they forget those that helped them on the way and the roadmap. Hence, they had to take in order to get where they are today. It is because of this some people develop a case of pride. Ironically, they don’t have the ability to present their success to the world. This importance and art of presentation is the main topic I will discuss in this article.

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Presentation is a key skill in all aspects of life. For example, you could have a great business idea that you want to pitch. However, someone with a worse idea can overtake you just due to the fact that they have a better presentation. A great presenter always goes further in life. Sometimes a good presentation is itself an art of vital importance and can make a person look smarter than they actually are. The perfect combination a person can wish to achieve is being smart and able whilst also being great at presentation. With this combination, it will be very hard for anyone to stop you from your plans and achieving your goals. The following are some points I would like to discuss with regards to the presentation.

1. The classroom presentation
2. Verbal practice makes perfect
3. Communication Eye to eye
4. Pause when you speak
5. Vary your voice

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When I say “Classroom presentation” things can be different. Hence, I am referring to any speech or presentation you will find yourself giving in a classroom environment. A place where you are presenting to an audience. Practicing this kind of presentation is crucial because it teaches you how to outline a point. Hence, also present it to an audience with clear communications. This is the most basic art and practiced way of presenting.

When you are preparing to present anything to the public the best thing you can do is verbal practice. Practicing out loud not only gives you confidence but also helps you realize how you will sound and how long your presentation will take. This sort of practice will always help you in the long run when it comes time to deliver a real presentation.


I cannot place enough emphasis on the eye to eye communication being an influential art in itself. In the business world, I have seen people lose big contracts and opportunities due to the fact that they have neglected to give their clients and investors proper eye-to-eye contact. When you are speaking to a group of clients or investors you must make sure to make eye contact with each and every single person so that your point gets across to them properly.

Pausing at the right time can really help when getting your message across. The audience can lean forward in wanting to know what you are about to say. It brings attention and importance to the points, you want to be noticed and also helps to captivate the people in the room.

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The final piece of advice I have with regards to presenting and its importance is variations in voice throughout the presentation. If you speak in the same monotone voice throughout your presentation you will lose the attention of your audience who will naturally get bored due to your tone. By varying your tone and your voice speed, people will be more interested in what you have to say and will not lose interest so easily.

If you follow these steps and advice about the presentation, then nothing can hold you back from presenting your ideas and success to the world.


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